Can the new Anthem Game Finally Offer Gamers an Effective MMO?

So Far:

The anthem is a pure source of creation. Amazing lands emerged from nowhere. The creation of enormous beasts, monsters and creatures led to the rise of incredible species. The gods disappeared before they could finish their task, leaving behind a world that was still incomplete and dotted with their instruments. The power of the Anthem could not be contained. It unleashed world-altering catastrophes and transformed those who tried to use its power. Our ancestors invented the javelin exosuits. These handcrafted armors gave humanity superhuman capabilities and allowed us to live. The power and instruments of gods that created the world are still at war in the eternal battle for our existence. The fate of the human race rests today in the hands of the “Freelancers”, a tiny group of javelin pilots.

EA Games Official Anhem Page

Anthem Basics

Anthem, a third-person multiplayer PvE game, is designed to be played solo or in co-operative mode. It can also accommodate up to four people. You can play it according to NPCs’ in-game missions or your own explorations of the area and forts. Mini-missions will also appear along the route. Players will earn XP as they explore new locations, kill enemies, and complete mission objectives. The game will not have secret cards or loot boxes. The game currently does not have a PvP feature.


There will be 4 types of javelins in Anthem at launch. Every javelin represents an exosuit the human player wears when they venture beyond Fort Tarsis. The Ranger will serve as the starting point for players, and they will gain more suits over time. Javelins are pseudo classes that can be customized, so players can create the javelins best suited to their play style. Squad-modes are a great game because they don’t require players to build their own combat mode according to RPG rules. Each player has the freedom to choose which javelin they want, and it doesn’t affect any mission’s overall success rate. At later stages, new javelin types might be added.

Javelin Types






The exosuit is the best for combatants. It’s the standard suit that players have when they begin their adventures. This exosuit is adept at precision attacks and can outfit most types of gear and weapons, allowing you to have the greatest tactical variety possible.


Compact and sleek, the Interceptor emphasizes agility and speed over force. It is ideal for stealth, quick combat, and darting. This makes it ideal for both solo and squad play. It is not capable of using most weapons but its elegant design prevents it from heavy weapon usage.


The javelin’s firepower and low defense capabilities make it ideal for tactical long-range combat. Storm exosuits have the largest jetpack-usage capacities, so players won’t have to worry about their jetpacks heating up as much.


Although it is slower than other javelin types this exosuit compensates for that with strength, stamina, and force. It is capable of using larger weapon types than the smaller javelin suit, in addition to having a tank structure.

Javelin customizations

In-game cosmetics can only be earned or found, and they cannot be purchased. Cosmetics can only be used for aesthetic purposes, so there is no pay-to win structure. Cosmetics can be reused, meaning players don’t need to lose their purchases. This is a great bonus considering that you will still need to purchase the game to get the base content.

Javelin Use

Javelins all will be equipped with air, land, and underwater use-cases. While combat is not allowed in the water zone, there are still injuries that can be sustained from fire above-water. This area is useful for both stealth and cooling down players’ javelins’ jetpacks. Their suites may become waterlogged so don’t leave them underwater too long. While javelins can be interchanged between missions, they are not compatible with mission-specific players. Each javelin has a limited inventory so players must choose the right equipment for their missions.

Squad Vs. Solo

Anthem’s executive producer Mark Darrah stated that the boss battles and missions will be modified to accommodate larger parties, but the mission design was intended for a 4-person team. Solo-gamers won’t be able to complete the game without assistance. However, players won’t be allowed to change their outfits mid-mission. They will however be able adjust the size of their parties. Players can leave and enter parties at their own pace, so they don’t have to disrupt the other party members. It is not a monster hunter game. Instead, the objective and exploration-based gameplay allows players to earn experience as well as in-game rewards. While there is no loot or chests to be found, enemies can drop items. This isn’t an MMO, and the quests and storyline are determined by each player. They don’t impact the gameplay of others.

However, Free Play mode is primarily for solo play. This mode allows you to gather, lore-hunt, and scavenge items. It also gives players the opportunity to interact with other players, and possibly form informal teams. This feature will allow players to enjoy the game even after the last boss has been defeated. It will also be used in conjunction with NPC missions.


There are jungles and fortresses all over the planet, but no desert or snow zones. Open-world is the game’s main feature, which means that players may come across other players. Fort Tarsis acts as the main hub for all player decisions. As a mini hub, the Strider acts as an intermediary. Each player will have their very own apartment that they can use as a base for their characters. The hubs can be explored only by one player, so each player has the freedom to unfold their story as they see fit. Each player will make their own story choices that can impact how the game plays out in the end. This includes the relationships they have with NPCs and the geography of the world.

Before gaining equipment and levels, there are certain areas players should avoid. Because the game is always evolving and changing based on story events and player choices, it is considered a living one. It is therefore possible to continue playing the game even after defeating the boss.

Javelins can fly very high in the game. However, height restrictions will still apply to suits because of the high level of turbulence around the globe. It is why no aircraft are included in the game.

Additional Specs

  • 30FPS
  • Only online
  • Live-service
  • Creator of characters: Each player’s character can only be seen by them when engaging with NPCs at the Tarsis Fortress or in their personal apartment.
  • There are no AI party members
  • You cannot trade in-game items
  • You will also find emotes.
  • You can adjust the size and turn off stats or shooting points according to your preferences.

Last Thoughts about the New Anthem Game

The game’s face-value is amazing: it offers a variety of world and storybuilding, mini-goals, as well as squad and solo options. There are also cosmetic customizations that can be made, which all hint at an epic new online RPG. It is unclear, however, if it can live up to its hype and offer smooth, glitch-free gameplay. Also, whether servers are capable of handling the tens to thousands of concurrent users. Destiny 2 and other relatively recent titles have not lived up to their potential, as they were plagued with bugs at the time of release. They also failed to attract the gamers that could have been attracted to them.

The production team has had many setbacks, but there are some positive factors.

  • The game is currently in production, and was not completed by us at a hurry (we hope).
  • Technology: Graphic and programming tools continue to evolve, which has benefited newer games like Fortnite and CoD:BO 4, even though their mechanics may be simpler than Anthem’s.
  • The game’s aesthetic promises to be stunning. This alone could keep players interested, despite the initial setbacks expected at launch.
  • EA Game’s BioWare Team has had both huge successes like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins. However, the team’s failures such as Mass Effect Andromeda may have given them an insight into what does and doesn’t work in a franchise.

There is potential, but it must be realized and properly managed. As with all projects, you can only know what will happen at launch.

Date of release

February 22, 2019,


EA and Bioware have announced that Anthem is officially dead, with Bioware no longer working on bringing future updates/the promised overhaul to the game.

The game’s rework has been cancelled. “In the spirit of transparency and closure we wanted to share that we’ve made the difficult decision to stop our new development work on Anthem (aka Anthem NEXT),” BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey said in a new blog post.23-Mar-2022

The planned overhaul of the 2019 game — referred to as Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0 — is coming to an end, BioWare said in an update on the status of Anthem. The studio will continue to run the current live service for Anthem. … “We will, however, continue to keep the Anthem live service running as it exists today.”

The planned overhaul of the 2019 game — referred to as Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0 — is coming to an end, BioWare said in an update on the status of Anthem. The studio will continue to run the current live service for Anthem. … “We will, however, continue to keep the Anthem live service running as it exists today.”

It’s official: ‘Anthem’ is shutting down.12-Apr-2021

Sad news, Anthem fans. Anthem Next, the multiplayer game’s reboot which has been in the works at BioWare for some time, has been scrapped.27-Mar-2021


The Anthem is a game about the war between gods and humans over the fate of humanity. It has four classes that each represent an exosuit, which are player-controlled characters in the game. The official page for the Anthem includes a brief primer on each suit and how it fits into the game

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