CarryMinati’s Funny GTA 5 Moments

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, is an Indian video game streamer and a Youtuber who is well known for his comic content and gameplays.

His GTA 5 playthroughs have also included some amusing situations that have kept his fans entertained. CarryMinati has two YouTube channels where he regularly publishes content with his first channel gaining a massive subscriber count of over 32.2 million. While his second channel is a streaming channel with 9.84 million subscribers.

He is a variety streamer who streams a variety of games and here’s the five his most amusing GTA 5 moments;

1st – The Pacific Standard Job

One of the first few jobs added to GTA Online is the Pacific Standard Job. CarryMinati is the one who makes the most mistakes when performing this robbery with his companions. What’s amusing is that most of the time, it’s his bad luck that gets him.

2nd – Tau getting arrested

In his GTA RP videos, CarryMinati plays the character “Tau.” Tau is a crafty crook who gives the impression of being a harmless and naive older man. CarryMinati imitates the voice of an elderly person when roleplaying as Tau. Tau is constantly in amusing circumstances, such as when he was imprisoned. He hijacked a taxi while pretending to be a passenger and was sentenced to five months in prison.

3rd – Getting an Oppressor Mk 2

In GTA Online, CarryMinati discovers an Oppressor Mk 2 belonging to another player and takes it for a spin. He falls in love with the bike right away and chooses to purchase it. Due to the exorbitant price, he is forced to sell a few automobiles that are no longer needed. The combat between the Oppressor Mk 2 and an attack chopper follows. The way he collides with the chopper’s rotors and is pushed off his hoverbike is very amusing.

4th – Impossible to finish custom race

CarryMinati can be seen riding a Shotaro on a custom-built race circuit in one of his videos. The arcade track is without a doubt one of the strangest in the game. A single blunder might cost the player a lot of time and money. It’s extremely hilarious to watch him try and fail terribly to get over a certain area of the track.

5th – Another custom race

This is another GTA Online race using custom-made tracks. CarryMinati is having an equally hard day, but his followers will find the video humorous.

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