Caylus Breaks All Dream’s Bones

On Youtube and Twitch, Caylus is one of the most entertaining GTA 5 streamers. He is well-known for his GTA 5 mod gameplay, in which he employs amusing mods to create unique scenarios. He usually plays GTA 5 as Mr. Beast or as the game’s main protagonist avatar.

He’s tried something new this time by taking on the role of Dream, a Minecraft legend. Caylus must break all 206 bones in Dream’s body in order to win the game. This article outlines all of Caylus’ methods for achieving his objective.

Caylus attempted to break Dream’s bones for the first time by jumping from a very high platform. In one leap, the jump broke 47 bones. Caylus landed head first the second time he attempted to jump, breaking 52 bones.

He tried something new for his third attempt, and he spawned a Minecraft creeper. He then walked over to the creeper and swung his axe at it. 68 bones were broken when the creeper exploded. After doing so, he came to the conclusion that if he had used 50 creepers, all 206 bones would have been broken. He stated that he would try it later and that the viewers should stay tuned for his next attempt.

Caylus’ next plan was to attempt a jump from Maze’s bank. When it comes to breaking bones, this is probably one of the most logical options for any GTA 5 player. He claims that Dream should not die from the fall because he can easily take 5v1 in Minecraft after deciding to jump. Caylus was correct, and despite only breaking half of his bones, Dream survived the fall and walked away.

The shredder was the next method Caylus used to break all of Dream’s bones. He spawned a large shredder and drove a car into the blades. He breaks 74 bones during his first car jump. Using the Adder, the second attempt at the shredder surprisingly broke 203 bones. He just jumped in without a car for his third attempt at the shredder and broke 123 bones in his body.

The next plan for Caylus to break bones was to jump off Mount Chiliad. This strategy resulted in him breaking 124 bones, which was inconvenient. Caylus’ next thought was to spawn a powerful fan that would propel him high into the air before crashing to the ground. Dream had only broken 183 after falling from such a great height.

Caylus brought out the big guns after being disappointed with previous attempts. He created a massive rag doll obstacle course in which he jumped off a cliff in the body of his dreams. With the obstacle course being higher in the sky than the top of Maze Bank, all 206 bones were finally broken. He spawned the 50 creepers from Minecraft and blew them up for 206 broken bones to end the video.

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