CDNThe3rd’s Gaming and Streaming Setup

CDNThe3rd, an OG streamer and pro-gamer who has competed professionally since 2007, and created his Twitch account August 2010. In 2009, he was featured in WCG Ultimate Gamer’s season 2. He quickly gained popularity and a following. He was working part-time even through 2017! His transition to Fortnite and his subsequent signing with Luminosity Gaming July 2018, were the catalysts for his success. This boosted his subscriber base, as well as his followers to such an extent that he could go full-time.

He is now no longer associated with Luminosity, but he has returned to streaming content variety. His high-level skills and enthusiasm are still appreciated. We have listed below the equipment CDNThe3rd used in his gaming setup to keep his edge.


CDNThe3rd has a BenQ ZOWIEXL2546 gaming monitor. It can refresh at a rate up to 240Hz if you have the correct hardware. It has a resolution of 1920x1080p and an aspect ratio 16:9. The response time is 1ms.

You can adjust the screen’s height, tilt and rotate it up to 90 degrees. There are also side shields available that block out unwanted distractions. The back of the screen has a 100x100mm VESA standard mounting pattern. It measures 57×51.5×22.6cm (22.24% x 20.29x 8.9″) and is 7.5kg (16.53lbs).

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CDNThe3rd has the FinalMouse Ultralight Pro as his choice of mouse. It is made from lightweight plastic with hexagonal holes to decrease its weight to 67g (2.24 oz). The PMW3360 optical sensor provides 400-300 DPI and has a polling speed of 500Hz. It also tracks at 250 IPS.

Six programable buttons are available, with a DPI button located below the scroll wheel. Two buttons can be found above the right thumb grip. The mouse’s length is approximately 2m (78.72″), and its braided cable measures 12.2×6.6×3.9cm (31x 16.8x 9.9cm). All four feet of the mouse are made from 100% PTFE. The clickers have Omron switches which are designed to last up to 20,000,000 clicks.

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CDNThe3rd uses a BLOODY B930 keypad with Brown Switches. Brown switches have a travel diameter of 3.5+03mm, an actuation point at 1mm, and an actuation force 40mm @50g+-5g.

The aluminum frame has been coated with a nano-coating that is water resistant to protect against accidental spillages. The 6 preset settings on the FN or F12 keys can adjust the RGB backlighting. It also features 100% anti-ghosting, N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting.

The dimensions of the unit are 38x15x3.7cm (15x 5.9×1.5″), and it weighs in at 907g (2lbs). You also get 8 additional ABS keycaps.

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CDNThe3rd has Sennheiser HD800 S headphones. Sennheiser HD800 S headphones have an open-back design and fit around your ears. To create stereo effects, the 56mm drivers of the transducer are placed at an angle to produce a spatial stereo effect. The frequency range is 4 – 51,000Hz. They also feature a nominal impedance value of 300Ohms and an SPL level of 102dB.

Earcups have velour padding. The cable measures 3m (118″) in length. These headphones are great, but there are better, more affordable options if you’re just getting started.

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CDNThe3rd has a streaming set-up that includes the Shure SM7B microphone. It uses a cardioid polar design to prevent of-axis sound from slipping in recordings. The chassis is made of full metal and features an internal pop filter, high-press filter switch, and boost button.

The frequency range of the device is 50-20,000Hz. Its nominal impedance, 150W, and sensitivity are -50dB. Although it doesn’t need phantom powers, the unit does not require an audio interface or XLR cable. If the RMP106 cartridge is broken, it can be replaced by a brand new one. The cartridge comes with an adapter for a nut.

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CDNThe3rd used a Lumix Panasonic GH5S digital camera. The dual ISO options are 400/2500 and 2500. The GH5 has four options for aspect ratio: 1:1, 3:2, 4,:3 and 16,:9 respectively. However, the GH5S offers three aspect ratios: 2:3, 3:1, 16:9 and 16:9.

Cinema 4K integrates Iti with Cinema 4K, which allows you to record 60p50p (8-bit) (Cinema 4K : 4096×2160/QFHD 4K : 3840×2160/MOV/MP4), 30p25p/24p 4;2:2 10-bit, 4K :60p50p 4 :2:0 8–bit, 4K :60p50p 4 :2:0 10-bit and 4:2 p/24p/24p @ 4:2 :2 p/25p/24p/24p at 4 :2 :2 :2 :2 :2 :2 :2 :2 p/25p/24p/24p/24p/24p/24p/25p at 4 :2 p/25p 24p/25p/24p/24p/25p4:2p/25p/25p/25p/25p/24p10-bit 4:2 /2:2 /24p4:2 /24p The GH5 has a 7.5x slower-motion capability, but the GH5 can shoot at 10x. The GH5 also features a line input for audio devices, ph3.5mm microphone jack and Bluetooth 4.2/WiFi 5GHz connectivity. After the recording is complete, the device can transfer JPEG or RAW files automatically to its user’s smartphone. There are also two slots for input: a 3.5mm headset jack and a 2.5mm remote socket. They can be used with HDMI Type A socket or USB-C 3.0 socket.

This webcam is clearly intended for professional photographers and has many additional features beyond what a standard gaming stream would need. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, see our overview of webcams here.

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Name Caesar Noriega
—————- ————————–
Country of Birth United States
Birthday December 14, 1983 (age 38)
Height 6 ft.5 (196 cm)
Est. Net Worth $1.5 Million

Month Total Unlisted
————– —– ——–
December 2021 8,719 802
November 2021 5,003 547
October 2021 5,463 422
September 2021 9,477 506

Caesar is a professional eSports player in the Battle Royale and FPS genre and has been very well known across the community. Most of his success came from Fortnite ever since its game release.

Total Results
—- ————-
2021 $1,250.00
2020 $150.00
2018 $24,475.00
2015 $10,400.00


an OG streamer who has been doing this since 2007, recorded esports history in 2009 with WCG ultimate gamer’s season 2, quickly gained popularity and a following, transitioned from part-time streaming to full time streaming in 2017, was the catalyst for his success by streaming Fortnite content and playing

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