Cdrew Subathon Is Wrecked By Appendicitis

After needing emergency surgery, Cdew, a new Team Liquid star and Twitch streamer, had his subathon cut short and his celebratory day ruined.

Cdew was in the middle of a massive subathon, which fellow Twitch sensation Trainwreck helped extend by donating a whopping $7,500. While things were looking up for the streamer, things got even better when he announced that he would be joining Team Liquid’s new World of Warcraft arena battle team.

Unfortunately, the streamer’s broadcast went horribly wrong when he began to experience severe stomach pain, forcing him to rush to the hospital’s emergency room. Cdew was finally told he had appendicitis and would need surgery after waiting over three hours at the hospital for a diagnosis.

He eventually decided to go ahead and finish it, but not before expressing his dissatisfaction with how things turned out. Fortunately, Team Liquid’s Guild, his new team, was right by his side.

Hopefully, the streamer’s surgery goes well, and he can get back to playing WoW and continuing his subathon without any more stomach pain.

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