ChadWick’s No Kill Warzone Win

There have been a number of contentious Warzone victories employing questionable techniques. Warzone streamer ‘ChadWick’ managed to pull off an astonishing no-kill triumph.

Warzone has seen its fair share of amazing victories, whether it’s a squad on Rebirth winning by mass forfeit or a very skilled player like Seth ‘Scump’ Abner taking out a hacker in dramatic fashion. Many pros and streamers strive for high-kill games as their ultimate goal, but there are plenty of players that want to win Warzone in the most hilarious, weirdest, or wackiest ways possible.

In yet another display of extraordinary innovation, Facebook Gaming streamer ‘ChadWick’ was able to win a Warzone match without gaining a single kill – and he did it the right way, unlike those annoying stim bug exploiters. 

After the broadcaster provided a step-by-step video analysis of how he was able to pull off such an impressive win, word of ChadWick’s remarkable performance began to spread. 

He prepared to use the game’s Red Door system to stockpile all of the equipment he’d need for the unusual feat, including a gas mask, armor satchel, stims, and a self-revive kit. ChadWick hid for the majority of the match, patiently waiting for opponent players to tumble off one by one after grabbing a riot shield for extra protection.

After the lobby had been whittled down, the creator carried out the final phases of his strategy, which included using the riot shield to absorb damage, finding another excellent hiding position, and using his last few stims to stay alive in the gas for nearly two minutes before declaring victory.

While ChadWick’s opponents had plenty of negative things to say about his tactics in the post-game lobby, other players were blown away by his achievement, which took him a remarkable 88 tries to pull off.


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