Cheaters Are Ruining Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is off to a rocky start, as it appears that cheaters are already rampaging across the platform.

Cheaters with wallhacks and aimbots are already ruining Apex Legends players’ experiences on the mobile version of the battle royale.

Despite the fact that it has yet to be officially released worldwide, Apex Legends Mobile appears to be having issues with cheaters.

With their vision for “mobile-first Legends” and exclusive game modes, Respawn’s mobile version of their incredibly popular battle royale game has no doubt impressed players.

However, it appears that they have major issues to address before getting ahead of themselves.

Cheaters and hackers are a problem in most battle royale games on all platforms, ruining the experience for those who want to play the game honestly with wallhacks and aimbots.

Apex has had a lot of trouble with hackers and cheaters on console and PC over the years. It’s not just players teaming up in ranked lobbies; it’s also players using hacking software to gain an unfair advantage, particularly on PC.

Unfortunately, it appears that this problem will also be present in Apex Legends Mobile, as Reddit user HamadKx pointed out in the Apex Legends subreddit.

The user shows a video of a hacker in Apex Legends Mobile effortlessly eliminating enemies through walls with aimbot and possibly wallhacks in the post. Hackers appear to be just as prevalent on mobile as they are on PC, so this may not come as a surprise to those who are familiar with mobile games.

Hopefully, the Apex Legends Mobile developers have plans in place to combat hackers and cheaters, as this appears to be a major concern among the community.

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