Classify and Avalanche Join MrBeast

Avalanche, and Classify are two of the 100 Thieves content writers who have joined MrBeast’s YouTube team.

Avalanche, Classify and 100 Thieves parted ways at the beginning of May 2021. This was four months after Mako left ‘The Mob.’ The group officially disbanded shortly after. Their departure from the esports organisation was not surprising to those who saw the signs. Fans were not informed where the team would go next.

On September 25, and , Avalanche, along with Classify, announced that they would officially be joining MrBeast’s YouTube gang. Avalanche wrote on Twitter: “We’ve relocated across the nation to North Carolina to create some dope content alongside some dope people.”

Classify shared photos of himself with YouTube star, and also revealed that he was going to be working on video with MrBeast.

Class posted on Twitter that she was happy to be invited to North Carolina to join the MrBeast YouTube team. I am so excited to move here and create some content with my fellow .”

Avalanche and Mako were the founders of The Mob. They quickly made a name in streaming and YouTube, until they lost their way in 2021. They became well-known after being signed by 100 Thieves. In 2020, the organization even showcased its brand new $3 million pad.

But, Classify and Avalanche have been officially added to a new crew. Viewers will be interested in seeing their new work.

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