CoD Streamer Admits To Cheating In Warzone

Hacking accusations are common among Warzone content creators, but one streamer even admitted to it live on stream.

Despite Activision’s heightened efforts to target cheat websites and combat the cheating problem, Warzone remains inundated with hackers. In fact, it’s not unusual to find multiple cheaters in the same lobby. While many cheaters try to keep their cheats hidden from the game’s viewers, others are bold enough to broadcast their hacks to the entire world.

Many hackers in Warzone can manage to generate thousands of views by streaming their gameplay on Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok. This not only diverts attention away from other content creators, but it also serves as a stepping stone for those interested in hacking.

It can be difficult to spot a hacker as new cheat software is developed and tools are used to make them less intrusive. This is especially true when the cheater isn’t simply snapping on every enemy in the lobby.

When a streamer consistently gets the upper hand on enemy players and consistently lands headshot after headshot, a few questions arise. When a viewer questioned the legitimacy of LemonSnipezz’s gameplay, this is exactly what happened.

LemonSnipezz shocked viewers by admitting to the whole thing after submitting evidence of the streamer’s hacks and being called out for it. He then proceeded to share his screen with his viewers, showing them where he bought his hacks and how many days he had left on his subscription. He continued saying that he got 14 days left and he’ll do it again.

It’s unclear whether Twitch will take action against LemonSnipezz’s account, but a number of viewers have already reported him for his actions saying that they will send the said video to Twitch and he’ll be permabanned in 48 hours. Also some say that they can’t believe they found it on the internet. Sure, Activision might not ban the streamer, but Twitch will definitely do so.

Despite increasing its efforts to ban hackers, Activision has yet to fully resolve the issue. Many fans, on the other hand, are optimistic that the upcoming anti-cheat system will permanently resolve the issue.

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