CohhCarnage Boycotts Tripwire Interactive

After the president of the makers of Killing Floor and Maneater tweeted in support of the new Texas abortion laws, Twitch streamer Ben Cassell AKA CohhCarnage is leading a boycott against Tripwire Interactive.

The video game studio behind Killing Floor and Maneater and the publisher of Chivalry 2, Tripwire Interactive has recently been thrust into the spotlight after its president, John Gibson, expressed support for the controversial new Texas abortion laws that prohibit abortion after six weeks.

John Gibson wrote saying that he is proud of the United States Supreme Court for affirming the Texas law prohibiting abortion on babies with a heartbeat and that he don’t usually get political. Nonetheless, with so many vocal colleagues on the other side of the debate, he felt it was necessary to go on record as a pro-life game developer.

His post went viral on the internet and not only has the company lost business as a result, but Twitch Streamer CohhCarnage has organized a boycott against them.

CohhCarnage apologized for the people at Tripwire Interaction who work with John GIbson, especially those at Chivalry and Torn Banner Studios who chose to work with him as their publisher. He added saying that he is not going to play any of John Gibson’s games anymore, and that he is not going to support the said company.

The streamer also responded with another tweet claiming that their collaborators and partners were likely as surprised as anyone else by the president’s tweet.

He hopes they’ll release their own statement about it or find another publisher.

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