Commentary by Dr. Disrespect on Pokimane’s New Company

Pokimane, Twitch streamer, has just started RTS Talent Management Company, which Dr Disrespect found very impressive.

Pokimane introduced RTS to the general public on October 27, with the goal of “fixing gaming and esports.”

The YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect is not only supportive of the idea but also believes that it holds a lot potential. The two-time president explained how the company could expand, and why he believes the idea is “fantastic .”

He said, “I was shocked to see that Pokimane had announced the creation of an agency for content creators and streamers. It’s an amazing move by her. This is something we have been discussing internally for several years .”

His business partner encouraged him to implement the idea, but the streamer said that he was not as excited about the project at the time. He wanted to create a gaming studio instead.

He said, “We finally reached that point. This is not an easy task. It’s not easy, but I believe that [Pokimane’s company] makes a great move. Only a matter time that some influential person would start doing this in the span>

The Doc said that RTS would be “very successful.” To wrap up his compliments, he stated that RTS was “very successful.”

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