Complexity Gaming & Twitch Extend Partnership

Complexity Gaming is a North American organization that focuses on esports. It has extended its partnership with Twitch.

Twitch and Complexity’s sales team will work together to identify sponsorship opportunities for the company’s various streamsers, teams, content, events, and streamers.

As a result, the GameSquare Esports company will have access to many Twitch partners.

According to a press release, Twitch and Complexity will collaborate to “empower brands reach fans of Complexity content events, streamers and associated streamers,” according to the joint statement. Complexity and Twitch will collaborate to create new brand content.

The expanded partnership will see Complexity create additional content on Twitch, but the companies have not revealed any details about future activations. The company teased that there would be more experiences for Twitch viewers and fans can interact with Complexity through the platform.



Complexity Gaming is an esports organization in North America that focuses on competition. Twitch, a video content platform, has expanded it’s partnership with Complexity to include sponsorship opportunities for the company’s many streamsers, teams, streams and events. As a result of the partnership, Complexity will have access

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