Concern as more students stabbed

Students are increasingly short of safe space, both in the schoolyard and outside the gates.

On Friday, a student of the Langehoven High School of group 12 was rushed to the hospital after she died
stabbed four times to her cellphone.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesman Steve Mabona said the Pretoria student was stable. “It is alleged that she was stabbed outside the school grounds in the afternoon by criminals after refusing to hand over her cell phone to them.”

In Pinetown, the same day, a 15-year-old boy was stabbed and killed by another student outside a school in the Ashley area.

Last month, King Edward School student Hlompho Mbetse was stabbed to death outside a nightclub, allegedly by a fellow student.

Last November, two boys aged 11 and 13 were arrested in the Free State after a 13-year-old boy was stabbed to death at Kegomoditswe Primary School.

In 2013, Lagenhoven High School became a war zone and a student’s ear was cut off when two
groups of students attacked each other with axes, pangas and knives.

Spokesperson Sam Moimane of the Capital Park Residence Association could not say where Langehoven’s student was stabbed.

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“When we saw her at the scene, she was covered in blood, so we couldn’t determine where the wound was,” he said.

He said the area around the school was unreliable and dangerous. “We raised this issue two weeks ago because dealing with the criminal elements meant going on top of the mountain.”
between the zoo and the school, that’s where the criminals hide,” says Moimane.

He said that before the harsh lockdown, they regularly organized a mountain hike for the community that served as visibility.

Democratic Alliance (DA) community security spokesman Crezane Bosch said the safety of Langenhoven High School students and teachers is under threat.

Bosch said the student was fighting for her life when she was hospitalized. “This incident comes after numerous incidents have been reported in the past three years in which students, teachers, guards and general staff have been brutally attacked and assaulted off school grounds.”

Bosch said cases have been reported to both Wonderboom and the central police station and to date there is still no police visibility around the school and no arrests have been made.

Bosch said there was confusion as to which police station was responsible for the school, as it is opposite the Pretoria Zoo on the border of Capital Park and Pretoria Central.

The general secretary of the SA Democratic Teachers Union Mugwena Maluleke said the stabbings were scary. “We must stand together… to support our schools inside and outside the perimeters,” he said.

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