ConnorEatsPants Criticizes “Dumb Minecraft Kids”

Connor, better known online as ConnorEatsPants recently hit out at the viewers who claimed that he only became famous on Twitch all because of the Dream’s SMP server.

ConnorEatsPants is an American YouTuber known for playing and live streaming games with other YouTubers such as Quackity, CallMeCarson, and TommyInnit. He is also known for previously being “business partners” with Jschlatt on SMPLive and playing on the Dream SMP with other YouTubers and streamers such as Dream, Technoblade, and Wilbur Soot. He streams various games such as Minecraft, Super Smash Brothers, and Valorant.

While he might have been a prominent Twitch star even before he joined the Dream SMP server back in November 2020, he gained even more popularity when he started playing on the Minecraft server. Connor’s previous streams had from around 2,000 average viewers while now he got over 10,000 average viewers. He also became an integral part of the storyline.

Since going back to his variety roots, Connor hasn’t been too worried about his future. But then it seems like some Minecraft stans see a different story as some believe that if other SMP creators like JSchlatt swaps to streaming on Twitch, then Connor won’t have a future on the platform. In response to this, Connor fired back and went on to ask the SMP fanbase to leave him alone in a short rant.

Here’s what he said; “I barely share any viewers with JSchlatt you f**king idiot. I hate how it tilts me. It gives them ammo. These f**king Minecraft kids dude that don’t watch me say sh*t like this, and it really gets under my skin. I get tweets like this, I get messages. I don’t get it. I don’t get it why you dumbass Minecraft band kids have no social skills, have no actual lives outside of ‘by the way I don’t watch you because I watch JSchlatt.’ Please get off the internet and get a life, and never speak to me again”.



– Dream – Join Date: 24 April 2020.
– GeorgeNotFound – Join Date: 24 April 2020.
– Callahan – Join Date: 24 April 2020.
– Sapnap – Join Date: 24 April 2020.
– Awesamdude – Join Date: 28 April 2020.
– Ponk – Join Date: 8 May 2020.
– BadBoyHalo – Join Date: 10 May 2020.

On October 22, 23, and 29, 2021 — The Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP) expanded its server roster to include three new members, Tina “TinaKitten” Kenyon, Dylan “BoomerNA,” and Eryn.04-Nov-2021

He first went viral after one of his gameplay clips was featured on Twitch Fails and he gained a lot of followers. Since he started streaming consistently, Connor has become known for playing nearly any game that is popular at the moment.

Connor does, in fact, not eat pants.

ConnorEatsPants, more commonly known as Connor, is the twenty sixth member of the Dream SMP who joined after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, on November 16, 2020.

Dream created the SMP with George on April 24, 2020. He is one of the eight original SMP members, along with George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk & BadBoyHalo.

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