Cooking Streamer Naughty Cat

Gourmetmei, aka Meilyne, is a Twitch cooking streamer whose shows feature her preparing a variety of meals, often using high-end ingredients. The dish of the day on a recent show was an extremely expensive cut of fish: amadai tilefish. Chef Meilyne had gone to a local fish market before the stream and posted about getting the ingredients, then started the stream and started cooking.

The stream proceeded as usual, with the chef demonstrating three different ways to prepare amadai tilefish. One of these was pan frying, after which she set the cooked fish filet aside and went back to fiddling with something else in the oven.

One of her cats had been waiting for this opportunity.

When the chef’s back is fully turned, the wily hunter emerges and sniffs his would-be prize several times. The cat snatches the fish almost to the second that an off-screen shout alerts the chef, who makes a last-ditch lunge at the thief. It’s too late. The cat had vanished, along with the deliciously prepared amadai tilefish.

The look on chef Meilyn’s face in the aftermath can only be described as gutted.

The stream continued on, to her credit, after a brief paws for thought—with appropriately increased caution about the presence of a scheming moggy. It wasn’t a legal prize, but I’m sure it tasted great.



Gourmetmei is a cooking show that featured her preparing a variety of meals using high-end ingredients. One of the dishes was an expensive cut of fish called Amadai Tilefish and she prepared it before starting the show. Her cat sneaked into the kitchen while she was distracted and stole

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