CookSux Has Knife Flashed At Him

During a recent IRL stream in New York, Twitch streamer CookSux was confronted by a passer-by who brandished a knife at him.

CookSux is a Twitch streamer who focuses on just chatting and regularly broadcasts streams about his travels. A stranger began an argument with the streamer while he was walking around New York City late at night.

The man accused CookSux of photographing people without their permission, but CookSux refused to back down. The stranger eventually walked away, but not before using a knife to try to intimidate the streamer.

In New York City, CookSux was in the middle of an IRL live stream. He was out late at night alone, interacting with his viewers, when a stranger got into an argument with him. CookSux was accused by the stranger of photographing people without their permission.

The streamer claimed he wasn’t photographing anyone and told the stranger to mind his own business. CookSux, the man claimed, could be photographing anyone.

The stranger then asked CookSux to stop being so rude to him. The streamer, on the other hand, simply stated that the stranger had initiated the conversation.

The stranger appeared to have run out of things to say to the streamer. Instead of speaking, the man chose to threaten CookSux with a knife. The streamer, understandably, was taken aback.

CookSux briskly walked away, unable to believe what had happened. The streamer has 27.4k followers on the platform and regularly posts content related to his regular travels.

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