CookSux Stunned as Stranger Tries to Fight Him

IRL streaming on Twitch is still one of the most popular categories, although streamers sometimes have to deal with some uncomfortable situations.

Streaming on Twitch in public areas is dangerous, especially because you never know how others may respond. IRL content creators, unlike typical streams, have no control over or limit to their interactions with the outside world. This can lead to some awkward and even terrifying interactions.

IRL streaming is not for the faint of heart, and some well-known Twitch streamers have expressed their concerns about this part of streaming.

While most encounters do not turn violent, there are times when things can swiftly spiral out of control. Fortunately, one IRL streamer is well-versed in these perplexing scenarios.

CookSux, an IRL Twitch streamer, is no new to the challenges of filming in public locations. As a result of this experience, the content creator has picked up a few pointers that have assisted him in dealing with challenging situations. He was approached by a random passerby who seemed concerned during a recent stream around Hawaii.

When he questioned about the issue, the man stated that if he appeared on camera, he would “smack the sh*t out of him.” Regardless, CookSux kept the camera rolling instead of lowering it or turning off the stream to prevent any violent altercations. Fortunately, the man fled the scene, and both parties averted a potentially violent confrontation.

CookSux discussed how he handles these situations in a Reddit thread and here’s what he stated; “I’m not a fan of people coming into my space and then telling me that I shouldn’t film them. If you don’t want to be filmed, get out of the way. Besides that, I’ve learned that having the camera on the aggressor is always the first line of defense. Should something happen, at least it’s on camera and not off, which could be even more disadvantageous.”

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