Copyright Strike Solution and Account Ban

Galaxis is a rival to Twitch. It has an automated copyright system and channels-banning regulations according to Max Gallardo, CEO.

The streaming market continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down. However, it is attracting more creators and viewers, while the economic model is still in its infancy. YouTube and Twitch have been sparked by copyright strikes, content-related bans, and a rival, Galaxis, claims it has technologies that could help solve these problems. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution for streaming problems, but Galaxis may be able to give Twitch some competition if it lives up to its promises.

If investors support the platform’s launch, it is likely to go live in the early 2022. The platform will simplify and expedite corporate sponsorship for content producers, while also addressing issues such as mass copyright strikes, channel restrictions, and other channels. Game Rant spoke to Max Gallardo, Galaxis’ CEO about possible copyright remedies for the platform and what its penalty system would be for content violations.

Copyright owners who have their work used without permission are faced with a grave dilemma when streams become available. However, the current “solution” to this problem is at best inelegant. Copyright holders can send large portions of DMCA and cease-and-desist requests via Twitch or YouTube. This results in content being taken down. This means streamers have to edit their videos and upload them again, often without knowing what caused it. Gallardo proposes a solution: Make it easier for creators and rights owners to sign agreements.

A rather outdated licensing system means that few streaming platforms have the ability to access music and other media. Music and copyrighted media licensing was created with television and film licenses in mind. Most streamers are not able to afford legacy media, which is why the process for getting rights can be slow and confusing. Asmongold is one of the streamers advocating changes in copyright laws.

It might be possible to make it easier for artists and other users to access popular content. A streaming platform could include a new licensing system that allows copyright holders to share the benefits without fear of massive takedowns. There is nothing that would prevent streamers from choosing to bypass Galaxis media selection and instead choose copyrighted content. However, even in such cases, the platform provides a solution. Gallardo says that copyright owners have two choices. They can either limit the content until the media in question is removed from the video or negotiate with the owner of the channel to license the material.

Another source of controversy in the streaming sector is account bans. After several violations of content, streamers were finally removed from the platform. It’s an acceptable approach in principle. However, judging whether content crosses the line can be subjective. These actions are often offensive to fans of prohibited streamers. Gallardo believes that streaming service blanket restrictions would be a bad idea.

Galaxis will punish channels who break the rules and limit audience interaction according to a rating system. A channel that receives too many negative ratings will be taken off of the automatic sponsorship list. However, producers will still have ample time to spot any problems before taking drastic measures.

Galaxis can ban a channel for a whole year if it fails to comply with a 3-strikes process similar to YouTube or Twitch’s copyright policies.

Although this appears to be an initiative to create, it is still to be determined if the community rating system will be effective in filtering out offensive information.

Another common problem in streaming is risky content. Video providers are often in trouble for using ASMR and hot tub streams. Gallardo says that similar violations to Galaxis’ will be dealt with by users reporting nudity to channels, which can severely restrict a channel’s advertising options.

Gallardo says that adult content bans work well for services who implement them. Gallardo says that while the Galaxis platform doesn’t claim to solve this problem, Gallardo along with his coworkers are planning to create a sister firm that focuses on sexual content, much like OnlyFans, using a streaming revenue model.

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