Corpse Husband Has 1 Million Followers On Twitch

Corpse Husband, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, recently hosted his first ever Twitch stream. He broke the internet yet again.

With his anonymous persona, Corpse Husband has become one of the most famous internet stars. His identity is still a mystery, but he’s a YouTuber and singer. He decided recently to commemorate his 900,000.00 Twitch followers with the usual “Amigops” group that includes Sykkuno and Pokimane.

His debut stream on twitch was hugely successful and many people came to support him. His first stream on twitch helped him reach 1 million Twitch followers.

Corpse Husband had a surprise for his fans by playing a small part of his brand new song on the stream.

The popularity of Corpse Husband has risen to new heights, since the days with Sykkuno and Ludwig, Disguised Toast and Sykkuno and Ludwig, respectively. He now has over seven million subscribers on YouTube, 3.5million on Instagram, 3.6million on Instagram, and his newest milestone, one million Twitch followers.


Initially gaining popularity from his various Among Us lobbies, Corpse Husband’s Twitch channel still sits at an impressive 1.3 million followers despite not broadcasting once in half a year. Though he’s not streaming, Corpse has been far from inactive.01-Mar-2022

1 million followers

8 August 1997age 24 years

Corpse Husband reveals main reason why he doesn’t stream anymore. Corpse Husband has revealed the main reason why he doesn’t stream anymore, claiming the pressure of entertaining fans had him “shaking the whole time,” which made him stop enjoying it.01-Mar-2022

Corpse Husband
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Updated: February 1, 2022

24 years8 August 1997

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