Courage JD Net Worth

Courage JD is a well-known YouTuber and streamer. He is well-known for his live streams and gaming experiences. He is the co-founder and content creator of ‘100 Thieves,’ an online social entertainment platform.

Courage JD’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2022.

Courage JD announced his transition from MLG to Call of Duty in 2018, and he joined OpTic Gaming as a content creator. In 2018, he began streaming on Twitch. Over time, he amassed a sizable following.

In the following year, he participated in the ‘Fortnite World Cup,’ both as a player and as a cast member. In 2019, he competed in the Fortnite Pro-Am alongside Brendon Urie. In 2019, he worked as a content creator and an official member of the eSports team ‘100 Thieves.’ Ninja’s secret was revealed before the announcement.

He and his girlfriend were also featured in one of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s music video ‘Stuck with U’ after they became friends and he performed a parade of her song ‘Boyfriends,’ to which she replied, “you’re perfect.”

Later that year, he announced his move from Twitch to Youtube streaming. Stability and “the fear of being tied down just for a sub count button” were among the reasons given by Courage JD and on April 7, 2021, he and Valkyrae were announced as co-owners of ‘100 Thieves.’ Scooter Braun, Dan Gilbert, Drake, and Nadeshot were among the guests. They received equity in the company as co-owners.

He now owns a Lamborghini Urus as a result of his dedication over the years.

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