CouRage Looks For Answers From New Wold Devs

Amazon Games’ New World has officially been published, allowing players all across the world the opportunity to delve headfirst into a new MMO experience. New World has attracted a slew of high-profile streamers, including Asmongold and Shroud, who are all vying for a piece of Amazon Games’ first offering. It has, however, been a bit of a hassle. 

Queue times are long, and players have grumbled about the fighting and objectives, but the popular Youtube gaming streamer CouRage has been dealing with a different kind of headache: an unexpected ban.

The co-owner of 100 Thieves took a break from the MMO after grinding with some of the “top” players on his server. He said that a “handful” of users on the server were given 24-hour bans after another faction allegedly mass reported them, evidently envious of their accomplishments.

CouRage, clearly perplexed by how the bans were actually handed out, addressed the devs directly, “Is this being looked into?” 

DrLupo stepped in with a light-hearted jibe at New World’s expense as CouRage was trying to piece out the puzzle. Offering his sympathies, DrLupo added: “Also that sucks and I hope it gets fixed.”

Sonii, another streamer, said they’d been banned “four times in the last five days” and that the devs are “actively working on it.” Other streamers have been hit with “permanent” bans, but they’ve managed to appeal them.

CouRage has yet to receive an official answer from the developers, and it is unclear whether they will do so at all.


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