CouRage Quits Warzone

Co-owner of 100 Thieves, Twitch streamer Jack Dunlop AKA “CouRage”, recently declared that Warzone had been removed from his account. The streamer said that Warzone was no longer needed and that he would be enjoying Fortnite, Halo and Apex. He decided to quit Warzone shortly after taking part in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s launch.

CouRage made the announcement following the launch of Warzone Pacific on the Caldera map. Some players are dissatisfied with the island map. They claim it is difficult to see, too noisy, obscures footsteps and slows down the game due to the loadout change.

The new drop-in loadout system means that players will need to wait until the end of the match before calling in custom Warzone loadsouts. This system has been criticized by Dr Disrespect and Nick Mercs as well as JGOD and Nick Mercs. They claim that it causes the game to slow down.

The new RICHOCHET Anti-cheat System has not been effective in preventing hackers from infiltrating Warzone matches and destroying them.

CouRage took to Twitter just two hours prior to uninstalling Vanguard, complaining about the “ridiculous number of attachments” found in the game. He claimed that there are 70+ attachments to deal with. This, in addition to the fact that Vanguard weapons can simultaneously use 10 attachments each, it is impossible to think of every possibility compared to five default attachments.

CouRage is following in the steps of Nickmercs who, earlier this year announced that he was leaving the game because he didn’t enjoy it anymore. Mercs has devoted a lot of his online time to Apex Legends since then.

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