Critical Bard Is Targeted By Racist Bots

A streamer on Twitch recently exposed the racist abuse he and other content creators are receiving with bots and mocking the movement #TwitchDoBetter in the progress.

The #TwitchDoBetter started to get more attention on social media after streamers started to share their bad experience on the platform and also an increase of ‘hate raids’ on the streaming platform.

These hate raids consist of racist bot accounts that appear in a streamer’s chat and spam racist language directed at the streamer and their communities.Now, not only they are spreading hate at the streamer bit also mocking the movement itself and continue to fire off racist abuse at content creators.

Twitch Streamer Omega Jones AKA Critical Bard took to Twitter and shared exactly what he was experiencing. According to him, people like to act like hate raids and follow bots don’t exist and showed an example to what happened to him experiencing an horrible experience.

The video Critical Bard shows that he was just doing his own thing, when suddenly, hundred of bots appeared on his chat and proceeded to spam slurs with the movement “#TwitchDoBetter”.

He also said that he doesn’t need to explain and show more because the video shows proof of how cruel some people are and demand the platform to “Do Better”. Critical Bard’s mod team was able to deal with the attack using the Commander Root Program and then he was able to get rid of the bots.

Critical Bard also said that it shouldn’t not be so easy for things like that to happen at all and blasted that here have a multitude of suggestions at this point and demand the platform to fix what is important and protect marginalized steamers at all cost.

Last August 11th, Twitch responded and finally addressed the controversy and announced their plans on taking steps to make its users safer and then that they are introducing an enhanced channel-level ban detention.

More tools and improvements for its users and streamers are planned to be implemented according to the streaming platform.


Recently, Twitch streamer Omega Jones, better known as Critical Bard, shared his experience in the racist abuse he is experiencing from bots and mocking the movement #TwitchDoBetter. In a series of tweets, he explains that all these events have been occurring more frequently on the platform recently. The hate

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