Dando Was Furious After Listening The Proclaimers 500 Miles Backing Track

Popular Scottish gamer and streamer Dando recently took to social media to express her outrage over the strange and different sound of the iconic Scottish song’s backing track, and fans agreed.

Scottish Twitch streamer Dando says that she was not satisfied after hearing the backing track to ‘I’m Gonna Be’ (500 miles) and the iconic Edinburgh song is well-known not only in her, but also people around the world, with millions of people having heard it.

The Proclaimers’ classic song is frequently played at weddings, parties, and football games, and has even made appearances in concerts and TV shows around the world. Despite believing they knew the song inside and out, Dando was outraged when she heard the music’s backing vocals.

The popular online gamer said on a livestream, expressing her concerns saying; “You don’t want to, but my face tells a story,” Dando appeared confused at first after hearing the vocals for the first time, before abruptly changing her expression to one of disappointment.

As the deconstructed song came to a close, they screamed at viewers saying they hated it and Dando tweeted to her followers after digesting the experience, saying; “Ever heard the backing vocals of 500 Miles?” and said that they don’t have to hear it because her face tells it all.

Dando’s followers were equally astounded by what they had just heard and one person wrote that he/she was sitting here thinking something was wrong with her/him audio, but the streamer’s expressions tells it all and it is a story of madness.

Another one added that it sounds like he’s throwing up but trying to keep going on.

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