Dark Souls Streamer Beats Final Boss

A Dark Souls 3 streamer decides to make the game more difficult for themselves.

The Dark Souls trilogy is known for being a difficult game series. Dark Souls players are used to dying over and over again, with normal enemies that can be a horrifying challenge and bosses that will simply destroy the player until the latter figures out an attack pattern or secret weak point. 

Dark Souls players and streamers frequently express a desire to make the games more difficult for themselves. Streamers of Dark Souls 3, the final installment in the trilogy, have been known to participate in strange challenges that require the player to take on an extra level of difficulty.

Streamers of FromSoftware’s difficult RPGs have a knack for taking on seemingly impossible challenges and completing them, from completing Dark Souls 3 without taking a hit to beat the final boss with a dance pad. Ofcourse, these feats take a lot of time and effort to achieve, but for many streamers and viewers, it’s all worth it to see some incredible gameplay moments. One Dark Souls 3 streamer recently completed another noteworthy feat, beating the game with only about 10% of their screen visible.

Twitch streamer TyranosaurusBrett recently took on the challenge of finishing Dark Souls 3 while the HUD on their screen expanded every five minutes. It was much easier to see the mess of HUDs than it was to see any part of the game by the time they reached the Lord of Cinder, Dark Souls 3’s final boss. Regardless, he not only defeated the Lord of Cinder, but they did so without taking a single hit.

No-hit runs are impressive in and of themselves, and many streamers are currently attempting to beat the latest FromSoftware game Elden Ring without taking any damage. However, some streamers prefer to set goals that go beyond a no-hit streak.

Streamers have gone to unusual lengths to ensure their no-hit streak is more impressive than a regular one, such as making their screen appear as if it has been bombarded with a million pop-up ads. Another Dark Souls 3 stream showed a player completing the game using a Guitar Hero controller.

Dark Souls and other FromSoftware game players often enjoy beating the games as quickly as possible, in addition to completing them without taking any damage. The world records for Elden Ring speedrunning are constantly changing, with fans recently discovering a new exploit that allows the game to be completed in under 10 minutes.


You can leave after besting the boss, or choose an ending and stay in your current world OR go into NG+.

Yes you can. Once you kill the final boss the game will give you an option to start a new playthrough or continue with your current one.

The Twitch community felled Gwyn, the game’s final boss, Saturday night. The players behind the chat-driven stream suffered 904 deaths on the way to their ultimate achievement, and chose the Dark Lord ending as their final decision.28-Sept-2015

By inputting commands into Twitch chat, viewers take control of the Chosen Undead, prompting him to run, roll, dodge, and fight his way through the perilous world of Lordran. When Twitch Plays Dark Souls began two weeks ago, the mere fact of its existence garnered the stream over 15,000 viewers-turned-players.01-Sept-2015

Dark Souls is a lengthy game with plenty of bosses to face. The intricately designed areas, interconnected world, and powerful foes you’ll face will easily put you at around 40 hours just to complete the standard game.26-Aug-2021

six different endings


Dark Souls 3 streamers frequently try to make the game more difficult for themselves. Dark Souls players are used to dying over and over again, with normal enemies that can be a horrifying challenge and bosses that will simply destroy the player until they figure out an attack pattern or secret weak point. Dark Souls players

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