DarkViperAU: Expanded And Enhanced GTA 5 Trailer

Popular Twitch streamer DarkViperAU and speedrunner DarkViperAU have recently responded to the enhanced GTA 5 trailer. It seems that he’s not impressed.

DarkViperAU, an Australian speedrunner that specializes in GTA 5, is for those unfamiliar. His Twitch account has more than 560 subscribers and his YouTube channel has more than 800k subscribers. He is a friendly and outgoing person who allows him to produce quality GTA 5 content. DarkViperAU said that he wasn’t a fan the enhanced GTA 5 trailer. He was also angry, disappointed, and embarrassed. DarkViperAU shared his thoughts with players in a youtube video titled “Rockstar Is a Joke-I am Angry Disappointed and Embarrassed”. The expanded and enhanced GTA 5 trailer didn’t leave a positive impression on him and DarkViperAU details why.

DarlViperAU isn’t afraid to speak his mind when he said that Rockstar Games seems passionately dedicated to convincing everybody they are a joke. Their anger was further fueled by the GTA 5 expanded trailer. In his video, DarkViperAU outlined all their concerns.

DarkViperAU points out numerous graphics errors in the next-gen version. He also claimed that modders could do better work. To convey their message, the expanded and improved GTA 5 trailer used vague titles. DarkViperAU was amused by Rockstar Games promises to deliver better graphics, improved gameplay and more explosive action. Rockstar, he concluded: “I’d ask you to be better.” The sad thing is that I am not sure you can.

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