Day 3 HCS Kickoff Major In Raleigh

The attendance record for Day 3 at the Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major in Raleigh was broken by 267,000 simultaneous viewers. The first day set the standard for Halo Infinite’s LAN scene. Day 2’s matchups raised that bar. According to Esports Charts, the tournament attracted more than 113,000 concurrent viewers over its three-day duration.

On Day 1, there were over 100 million concurrent viewers at the HCS Raleigh event. This was more than any other Halo event. As the stakes got higher, viewers started to tune in more. According to Tahir Hashedjekic (the Halo Esports Lead at 343 Industries), the first-day viewing record was broken the final day. He tweeted about the event.

After his tweet, the event reached 267,000 people. Just over 25% of the Halo fan base watched the event. This includes the Twitch and YouTube main stream as well as any co-streams. The event offered free merchandise, which helped the number of game fans who were there. The first event was a huge success. These numbers were not even close to what the Halo 5 championships saw in terms of viewers.

Esports Charts also revealed that over 3.6 Million hours of viewers watched the event over the weekend. In descending order, most watched matches were between Cloud9, eUnited, FaZe Clan’s loser finals, and then the matchup between Optic Gaming, Sentinels.

The Halo esports roadmap will continue to evolve as the year goes by. It will be interesting to see if this interest in future LAN events leads to online tournaments.

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