DeepFake Tool Impersonates Livestreamers

Deepfake technology is astonishingly advanced where it allows companies to create advertising clones, countries to imitate political rivals, and men in their 50s to be transformed into attractive young women. Livestreamers are now changing their faces in real time using a new deepfake software.

According to The Daily Dot, DeepFaceLive is an open-source AI software that can transform your face into someone else’s on video conferencing and streaming platforms. It was created by an online developer Iperov and streamers have already started using the tool on sites like Twitch.

According to Russian YouTuber Vladislav Pedro, DeepFaceLive has a lot of potential for both streamers and creators of other media content can use the software where a TikToker impersonating the Terminator provides a great example of DeepFaceLive in action.

Of course, this raises a slew of complex ethical — and potentially criminal — issues. After all, in the wrong hands, a tool that allows you to look like anyone else can be extremely dangerous.

The head of communications and research analysis at AI technology company Deeptrace, Henry Adjer says that many will see DeepFaceLive as a fun tool for Twitch livestreaming or absurd TikTok videos where it could range from adult streamers ‘wearing’ celebrities’ faces without their consent to biometric spoofing like fooling facial recognition and liveness detection systems.

While it’s amusing to pretend to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom Cruise for TikTok videos, deepfake technology carries a serious risk. As technology advances, we will undoubtedly see more and more bad actors emerge from the shadows.

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