Destiny 2 Currency Caps Asked To Be Removed

The Festival of the Lost recently returned to Destiny 2, and while the community enjoyed Beyond Light’s take on the event, it has once again raised concerns about the game’s currency caps.

Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2’s fall celebration, returned for another year in Beyond Light, though with some significant differences from previous iterations. Bungie’s new take on the Halloween-themed event has been well-received, with players applauding the departure from the Haunted Forest and many Guardians donning spooky new masks and Dino armor sets.

Despite the generally positive response, the event has brought attention to a major point of contention for most Destiny 2 players: Bungie’s currency caps, which many players argue are annoyingly arbitrary and completely unnecessary.

Players in Destiny 2 are enraged by the Spectral Pages limit.

As the first week of the Festival of the Lost came to a close, Guardians took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the long-standing currency limit issue, which was highlighted once by a cap on the Spectral Pages that players must earn in order for them to progress through the event.

The Guardians want the currency caps in Destiny 2 removed.

The Destiny 2 community reacted positively to the player’s feedback, with many other Guardians expressing their own concerns about currency caps, whether they were event-related or not.

One response read saying that he thinks one of the worst caps is Glimmer when Ascendant Shards cost 50k and the kiosk weapons are 100k and that even raising the cap to 400k would be nice if Bungie could do it.

Another player also criticized the Tier 3 Umbral Engram focusing limit, which was implemented after Season of the Lost premiered and received overwhelmingly negative feedback saying that capping T3 Umbrals who aren’t even high stat rolls the vast majority of the time was the “d**k” move.

Currency caps have been a source of contention for players since the release of Destiny 1, and the Festival of the Lost in 2021 has once again brought the issue to the forefront. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the number of Spectral Pages in your inventory to avoid falling behind on event progress.

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