Destiny 2 Players Beg Bungie to Fix Matchmaking Exploit

Bungie’s new Trials of Osiris game has found a Destiny 2 matchmaking flaw, which players want to fix.

Bungie gave Trials of Osiris a major overhaul in an attempt to revive the playlist, which had been struggling to thrive for over a year inside Destiny 2. It seems to have succeeded admirably this time.

Trials’ huge success was not without its problems. The second season of Season of the Lost saw Trials hit a couple of snags, with the return of something that most players don’t want to forget, a game-breaking glitch that gives away wins for the first team who uses it. This problem was first brought to our attention by a Destiny 2 content creator, GSXRClyde. He posted a video showing his team and himself being cheated by the opposing team that exploited it.

Clyde noted that their opponent team was acting strangely just as they were about to enter round two of the match. Clyde suggested that they might be trying to make a joke out of it to avoid losing.

After receiving an error message from network, the streamer was immediately removed. This was followed by a warning about “match incomplete/early quitter”, which is for those who deliberately leave a battle. The opponent team received a win for free on a silver platter in what was supposed to be a 5-to-1 victory in favor Clyde’s fireteam.

Clyde concludes the clip asking Bungie for help. “We must fix this now,” he said.

The creator shared the video via Twitter and also tag Bungie’s main account as well as a Destiny 2 community manger to help raise awareness and demand a quick fix. Other players have reported that the issue has returned.

Although this bug was previously seen in Destiny 2 (plaguing Competitive playlists in past seasons), it appears that it is the first time it has been found in Trials playlist. The responses to Clyde’s tweet showed it wasn’t just him. Bungie has not yet commented or addressed the issue as of writing. However, it is likely they will seek to fix the vulnerability quickly to avoid it happening again in Trials of Osiris.

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