Destiny Addresses Stalker Controversy

In recent years, many Twitch streamers joined forces to socialize and play games to escape the lonely quarantine period. This has led to some funny encounters but it’s not always pleasant.

The Twitch streamer debate still exists on this platform. It ranges from innocent trash talking to potentially hazardous scenarios.

Destiny is a Twitch streamer and one of the latest examples of potentially hazardous situations.

Destiny was actually Steven Bonnell and she was speaking with Ana Vior who is also a streamer. Ana Vior began to feel for Bonnell but did not get any response so she used Twitter to complain about Bonnell’s abuse of women.

Twitch viewers have taken sides with Vior, attacking Bonnell and claiming she’s cute and innocent and Destiny should be thankful that she has an interest in him. Bonnell called Vior crazy on stream, in response to Vior’s tweet and these comments. Bonnell also noted that Vior’s tweet and statements could have been reacted to by calling Bonnell nuts.

Destiny’s response was not triggered by Vior’s tweet. According to some reports, she was allegedly sending private messages to multiple Twitch streamers as well as his friends in order make Vior look bad. Bonnell claims that he blocked Bonnell from all websites over the last six months. Bonnell states that she continues to communicate with him via various methods, including creating new accounts every time.

Vior disagrees with Bonnell’s politeness and believes he should have stopped leading her along. Even though he may not have intended it, he still manipulates her by fully understanding what she feels for him.

However, being nice to another person does not mean that you are entitled to deeper relationships. Bonnell’s behavior clearly doesn’t justify her efforts to get the support of all his coworkers and friends. Bonnell said Bonnell tried to tie him up in friendship or romantic bonds.

Many of Destiny’s fans have stood by him in this difficult situation and have supported him. Others have also pointed out that this is a sign of broader issues of men not helping one another after they become victims of violence.

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