Destiny & Hasan Dispute

Popular Twitch Streamers Steven Bonnell AKA Destiny and Hasan Piker AKA HasanAbi are recently at war with each other again because Destiny accused Hasan of using a racially charged slur on stream.

Destiny and Hasan are known for not always getting along and always finding themselves at odds with each other.

A recent incident between both popular streamers has risen again after Destiny accused Hasan of hypocrisy for his take on the word ‘Gusano’. Wherein spanish, it is a word that means worm bit seemingly has more sinister connotations in Cuba, with Destiny as a Cuban-American.

Hasan was called out by Destiny for the said word but Hasan isn’t backing down saying that anyone who take the word ‘Gusano’as a racial slur has to start calling it ‘g word’ going forward and explained that the said word was identical to cracker, redneck or even karen and said that it represents a certain type of behavior/political attitude.

Destiny wasn’t buying Hasan’s take on the term and argued that Hasan was clearly in the wrong. He asked after what Hasan said that this means that it couldn’t be a slur and said that a word ‘Negro’ is just a black in Spanish, wetback means sweaty back in Spanish and asked Hasan how “stupid” Hasan has to be to say something like it asked how many racial words just mean something and that why would someone say “Gusano” instead of calling them a worm.

Hasan isn’t accepting and wasn’t happy with Destiny’s behavior for calling him out that’s why he did himself some digging through his chat logs and found Destiny in his chat telling him to go back to his country, Turkey and called him a “fucking retard”.

Destiny responded to the said chat and said and admitted that it was a bad joke that he shouldn’t have made but it was a poor example for Hasan to use in their recent situation.

The rift between these two popular streamers clearly remains. Majority of both their streamers aren’t happy with each other and their opinions regarding their recent situation.



Hasan Piker’s height is 6 feet 3 inches or 191 centimetres tall, and he weighs about 88 kilogrammes or 194 pounds.

Piker returned to the United States and attended the University of Miami, then transferred to Rutgers University, where he graduated cum laude with a double major in political science and communication studies in 2013.

30 years25 July 1991

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