Destiny Roasts Streamer xQc

The hilarious exchange took place earlier today on Twitch streamer Destiny‘s channel. Destiny, or Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, was playing Rust when he received an unexpected call from xQc, one of the most well-known Twitch streamers.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the unexpected call. xQc, who had called him for relationship advice during the Twitch stream, was roasting Steven as the call continued.

Steven had been playing games like League of Legends and Rust while livestreaming for nine hours. He had been playing Rust for five hours when he received a discord call from fellow Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel near the end of his stream.

When Steven asked why xQc had joined the call, xQc politely replied that he was seeking advice. Rust, the streamer’s duo partner, responded to xQc and expressed his willingness to assist. Félix then proceeded to ask his question.

Destiny paused to consider what xQc had just said. After a brief moment of pause. After that, Steven retaliated against xQc, claiming that without his streaming career, he would be a “GTA RP loser.” xQc responded and thanked Steven for his “advice” after Steven finished his “advice.”

After the three exchanged a few “good luck” and “goodbye,” the streamer concluded the clip by continuing to play Rust.

Users on Reddit were astounded by Steven’s reaction and offered roasting advice in response to xQc’s question.

Destiny is a 33-year-old American Twitch streamer and YouTube personality known for his political, philosophical, and religious views. Hasan Piker, for example, has been closely associated with him. He currently has 694k Twitch followers and 403k YouTube subscribers, where he regularly uploads his content.

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