DGR Dave Raises $80,000 For Children’s Foundation

Paying it forward can take many forms, but one Central Pennsylvania man did so by streaming video games and raising more than $80,000 for hospitalized children.

DGR Dave, a content creator on the popular video game streaming platform Twitch, raised $81,000 for Starlight Children’s Foundation by hosting a charity stream on Twitch from December 1- 24.

DGR Dave’s high school sweetheart, Amanda, required emergency surgery to save her life during her junior year of high school, only a few months after the couple began dating. She was taken to Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, where she was able to distract herself from the upcoming surgery by playing video games with DGR Dave.

Custom Starlight gaming consoles and hospital gowns are being sent to Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville, Pa as a way to pay it forward years later, thanks to DGR Dave’s donation.

Through Starlight Gaming, Starlight helps to normalize hospitals for sick children. One of its core programs is Starlight Gaming, which has partnered with Nintendo for the past 30 years to create hospital-friendly gaming stations that can be transported around the hospital for children to enjoy.

To this point, DGR Dave has been streaming for six years and has over 700,000 followers between YouTube and Twitch.

Starlight Children’s Foundation has raised more than $340,000 to help hospitalized children this holiday season, in addition to DGR Dave’s donation.

Visit the DGR Dave Twitch channel and the Starlight Children’s Foundation website for more information.

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