Diablo 2 Fans Slam Blizzard

Some fans are demanding a refund for Diablo 2 Resurrected due to the game’s ongoing server and matchmaking troubles.

While the Diablo 2 remaster provided the nostalgic boost that fans were hoping for, the game’s launch was far from ideal. The game has been plagued by server outages and matching issues since its launch, and fans are growing impatient. After taking measures to address the game’s issues with necessary maintenance, the servers fell down for nearly an entire day over the weekend. Because it was at peak playtime, this infuriated a lot of fans.

The lack of communication from Blizzard during the downtime was also a point of complaint, and the company has since sought to rectify this by tweeting more regularly.

However, it appears that the harm has already been done, as a rising number of fans are demanding a refund.

Since the last server outage in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the hashtag #RefundD2R has been trending on Twitter, with more and more people joining the cause. Reddit users have also entered the debate, arguing for a refund from D2R following the game’s disastrous debut.

The outages were caused by a bug in Diablo 2 Resurrected programming, according to Blizzard. This gives followers hope that the issue will be rectified now that it has been detected. However, a repair at this late date may not be enough to persuade fans who have begun demanding a refund. 

Blizzard has yet to provide a public statement on the matter. However, their reaction to a single player’s request for a refund has made the rounds on the internet. It’s possible that the company is thinking that addressing the problem at its source will be enough to appease the players.

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