Did VAFundedDad Cheat?

After charges of cheating were made against a well-known streamer VAFundedDad, he was ejected from a paid Warzone event.

While Warzone and cheating are now similar, there is a clear distinction when cheating in a paid event like the said tournament. Even well-known broadcasters like Dr.Disrespect have threatened to uninstall Warzone.

Unfortunately, many issues surroundings the Battle Royale game appear to be too much for some to handle. However, it clearly shows that some streamers are now attempting to hide how they use some cheats in-game. Just like one of the streamers, attempted to use cheats on a paid event in Warzone by using hacks. Later on, as a result of using illegal movements such as cheating; he now has been blacklisted.

Other streamers, like Jack Frags, are actively attempting to make a fuss about the issue, as seen by his latest comment on the status of Warzone.

One of the clans, Karnage Clan, A gaming Entertainment Organisation has banned streamer VAFundedDad after he appeared to be cheating live on Twitch.

Meanwhile, different allegations came flooding in. VAFundedDad seems to be attempting to conceal the proof while in the middle of his stream.

The streamer attempted to prove that he was not cheating, however, eagle-eyed viewers were still suspicious about it. Surprisingly, the broadcaster had trouble opening the CMD prompt for viewers, which would show whether or not he was cheating.

Despite the pressure, VAFundedDad’s feed was taken down many times by viewers who pushed him to prove he wasn’t cheating. Nonetheless, it appears that some viewers were able to figure it out.

It did not take long for VAFundedDad to be kicked out of the competition, and furious letters from other competitors were sent to him. He still received support from others who understand that everyone makes errors, despite the hate and rude comments that were thrown at him by the viewers.

Surprisingly, the stream drew over 13k views after the misconduct allegations surfaced. Fans of Warzone appear to be on the lookout for cheats, and the problem appears to be growing worse and unstoppable.

Similarly, many people were concerned about the recent emergence of advertising for console hacks, which were thankfully pulled down by Activision.

Raven Software, a Warzone developer, has recently grown to become a ‘Super Studio.’ This might indicate that the Battle Royale is undergoing significant modifications. Perhaps this might include anything to combat the widespread cheating in Warzone?

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VAFundeddad was caught cheating and kicked out of a Warzone event. VAFundeddad tried to deny he was cheating but his proof wasn’t convincing enough for the viewers, who continued pushing for proof. The whole thing ended with VAFundeddad being banned from the tournament

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