Disabled Streamers

While major corporations such as Sony, Microsoft, and Logitech have developed accessible technology for the disabled, more work needs to be done to ensure greater inclusion.

Streamers with Disabilities Push for Equality.

Certain digital platforms, such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming, have thriving communities that encourage further development.

However, there is a lack of commitment when it comes to providing an accessible and welcoming home for disabled streamers.

Disabled streamers require stability, especially as the gaming industry evolves, with blockchain gaining traction.

The following are some of the biggest names in gaming who overcame their disability to pursue a streaming career.

Chris Robinson, a.k.a. DeafGamersTV, started streaming in 2011. According to Wired, he hosted fighting game tournaments for a club.

He returned to streaming after a three-year hiatus, and this time he went by the name DeafGamersTV.

Robinson’s goal was to educate developers about the challenges that deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers face when playing online games.

Microsoft and Ubisoft, among others, have invited him to speak about game accessibility for the disabled community.

Each presentation demonstrates an industry that is willing to listen to and document community concerns.

Obsrattlehead, whose real name is Carlos Vasquez, started streaming to demonstrate his gaming abilities.

Despite his visual impairment, he takes pride in being able to provide high-level gameplay. According to Kotaku, his streams eventually evolved into a community where disabled and able-bodied game fans alike count-interact, compete in friendly exhibitions, and learn from one another.

Vasquez’s community activism allowed him to represent disabled gamers all over the world.

In 2013, he attended the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO. In 2019, he also attended the Combo Breaker event. It allowed him to communicate with NetherReal Studios’ developers.

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