Discord Can’t Hear Anyone [Expert Guide 2021]

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone [Expert Guide 2021]

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone [Expert Guide 2021]

Are you looking to Discord Can’t Hear Anyone? Read further to know more.

Interest: Discord is a great way to communicate with your friends, family, and gaming community.

It’s free to use and has all the features you need in an instant messaging app. You can join servers created by others or create your own server if you want one of your own.

There are also voice channels that allow users to talk live with each other through their microphones while typing at the same time. If you have any questions about how it works, there are plenty of friendly people who will be more than happy to help answer them

Desire: When I first started using Discord back in 2015, I was blown away by how much better it was compared to Skype or TeamSpeak 3 (which were my previous VoIP applications).

The interface is clean and easy-to-use so anyone can get up and running within minutes without having any prior experience whatsoever.

And don’t worry about getting lost either – there are always helpful tutorials available on YouTube that cover everything from setting up push notifications for when someone messages you to customize your profile page with cool emojis! Plus, they just added video chat too! What else could you ask for?

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Discord Basics

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But don’t worry! I’m going to walk you through some steps that will help us diagnose what exactly is wrong with your device. And if we can fix it, great! If not, then at least we know where to start looking for answers.

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Attention: If you’re having trouble with your headphones or speakers, this guide will help you diagnose the problem.

Interest: Headphones and speakers are essential for music lovers everywhere. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to listen to our favorite songs on the go!

But sometimes they can stop working without any warning signs at all. Luckily, there are a few easy steps that can help you figure out what might be wrong with your audio device and fix it in no time!

There are many reasons why headphones/speakers could stop working suddenly – from a loose wire connection to an issue with your device itself.

The following steps should help pinpoint exactly where the problem is coming from so that it can be fixed as quickly as possible. Let’s get started!

  1. Start by restarting Discord. Simple, but sometimes effective.
  2. Unplug your headset, and re-plug it in. Again, probably won’t work, but has been known to.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. If any of these work, happy days. If not, there might be something a little more technical wrong with your Discord setup.

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Discord is a VoIP application that was created and released back in May of 2015. It was designed for Reddit communities that were looking to replace IRC servers, (remember those?) with Discord ones. 

After a while, gamers picked up on the software and started utilizing the application for esports and LAN tournaments alike. Since then, Discords’ popularity has snowballed, and it now has an impressive 250million users worldwide. It’s something I use on an almost daily basis and not just for gaming.

However, Discord does not come without its issues. Today we’re going to tackle the age-old problem of not being about to hear anyone on Discord. Many have experienced it, and most have been able to fix it, but for those that haven’t; fear not. 

This is an easy-to-understand guide on how to fix the issue once and for all!

Discord Basics

Before we get into anything technical, I’m quickly going to run through everything you should have tried first, before seeking out this article. And yes, restarting your computer is something you should have done. Anyway, let’s jump into the basics.

  1. First of all, do an audio test to make sure your headphones/speakers are definitely working. I recommend playing some music via YouTube. Some light orchestral music should work nicely. If you don’t hear anything, you probably have a headset or speaker issue. However, if your audio device is producing sound, jump into the following steps.
  2. Start by restarting Discord. Simple, but sometimes effective.
  3. Unplug your headset, and re-plug it in. Again, probably won’t work, but has been known to.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. If any of these work, happy days. If not, there might be something a little more technical wrong with your Discord setup.

Re-installing Software

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers. It’s the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers.

With the iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and in-browser versions of Discord, you can connect with your friends no matter what platform they’re on!

You can start using it right now by going to our website. We have an awesome community that is always willing to help out new users when they need it most.

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Discord is an app that lets you communicate with other people online. However, it’s not working for me and I don’t know what to do.

You can completely delete and reinstall Discord in about five minutes. If it doesn’t work after the reinstall, then you know it’s something to do with the computer configuration with Discord. This is where the fun stuff starts.

We have a lot of great support articles on our website that will help you get started troubleshooting your issue so check them out! And if all else fails,

we have a team of friendly customer service agents who are ready to help over chat or email at [email protected].

They’ll be able to provide more in-depth assistance than any self-help article could ever offer! So go ahead and give us a try today! We’re here for you

1. Default Communication Device

A method that is regularly overlooked is setting your headphones to your default communications device. It’s done in Windows, so sometimes it can be missed by people troubleshooting this issue. We have had great success with this method when helping others who can’t hear people in Discord.

Let’s get right into how to do this:

  • 1. Right-click the sound tab in the bottom right-hand corner of Windows, and select “Open Sound Settings”
  • 2. In Sound options, scroll down to “Related Settings” and select the “Sound Control Panel” tab
  • 3. Find your audio device in the list, right-click the tab, and select “set as default communications device”
  • 4. Once have selected “set as default communications device”, click apply and ok
  • 5. Restart Discord, and see if the problem has been resolved

This is another tried and tested method of getting Discord back up and running. It’s worked for many people and might be the fix you’re looking for.

2. Legacy Audio Subsystem

One of the most common fixes for not being able to hear people in Discord comes down to hardware compatibility. Sometimes, hardware components aren’t compatible with Discord’s latest audio subsystem. Simply reverting to the legacy audio subsystem will resolve this issue.

Switching the “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem” option has fixed many Discord problems down the line, you should try this first.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open Discord
  • Select the “User Settings” tab; it’s the little gear icon underneath the server channels.
  • Select the “Voice & Video” tab
  • Inside the Voice & Video tab, scroll down and find the “Audio Subsystem” section. You should see a drop-down menu, inside that menu you will see the “Legacy” option, select it.
  • Once you have selected the “Legacy” option, you will be prompted with a message which looks a little something like this.

This method has been used by many and has solved the issue, hopefully, it works for you. However, if it doesn’t, we have a few more fixes up our sleeve that might work.

 3. Setting Input/Output Device

Interest: We know how frustrating it can be to not hear the game or chat that you’re trying to listen to. That’s why we created this guide on how to fix your audio output issues! Follow these steps and you should be up and running in no time.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance!

if you need help fixing your issue ASAP. Our agents are trained with tools that will help resolve any problems as quickly as possible so there’s nothing for you to do but sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you

Click this link right now and follow the instructions on how to fix your audio output issues today.

  • Right-click the sound tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Open Sound Settings” option
  • Once inside this tab, you should see a drop-down menu under the title “Choose Your Output Device”
  • Select the drop-down menu and make sure the headphones you are using are selected as the primary
  • Follow the same process for the “Input” device
  • Once both of these are correctly set, restart Discord and hopefully, this should solve your problem.

4. Keep Discord Up-To-Date

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers that works on both your desktop and phone.

It’s perfect for chatting with team members, seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed.

However, sometimes the updates can mess with your software if not installed correctly.

If your Discord is bugged then the software will roll itself back to an older, none bugged version.

However, if that’s the case you will need to refresh or restart Discord. You can do this by simply restarting the software or pressing CTRL + R to refresh Discord.

Try Using The Web Version

Discord is a free chat service that lets you connect with people through text, voice, and video.

We’ve been around for years now and we’re not going anywhere! Our goal has always been to provide gamers with the best communication tools possible.

And we do it all for free! No ads, no subscription fees, nothing like that. Just download our app and enjoy it as much as we can!

You can even use your phone or tablet to send messages while on the go! It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android device either because Discord works on both of them equally well. So whether you want to talk about games in real-time or just need a reliable way to communicate with friends online – this is what you need.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it might be time to use a repair tool. Your PC is running slow, crashes frequently, or has blue screens. You receive error messages when trying to open programs and files. You can’t connect to the Internet or other devices on your network. 

The system locks up for no apparent reason and won’t respond to anything at all. It takes forever for Windows updates to install and there are constant problems with Windows Updates in general. 

There are strange sounds coming from inside the case that wasn’t there before (clicking noises, whirring sounds). And if none of these sound familiar then we still recommend using a repair tool because it will optimize your system for maximum performance as well!


There are many reasons why people may not be able to hear others in Discord. It could be due to the device they are using or their internet connection, but there is always a way around it if you know what needs fixing.

We want everyone who uses our platform for gaming and voice chat purposes to enjoy themselves without having any issues with their microphone whatsoever. 

That’s why we created this article on How To Fix Your Discord Mic Not Working so that anyone can find an answer quickly and easily. Let us know if it helped by leaving us a comment below!

Leave us a comment below with your thoughts on how we can improve this article further!

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