Discord: How to stream Disney Plus

We are thrilled to be able to watch our favourite movies and shows from our own homes with Disney Plus. Disney+ has more than 100,000,000 subscribers and is the most popular streaming service in America. Hulu and ESPN+ are also owned by the company. You can still watch Disney Plus from tablets and smartphones, as well as gaming consoles, smart TVs and Apple TV devices.

Discord is the only platform that remains unexplored. Because of its simplicity and ease-of-use, Discord is a chat and audio platform that allows people to communicate while also playing through games with a group. Discord has gained popularity as streaming music, movies and games that can be viewed with friends through the discord channel. This includes streaming Spotify, discord switch, and stream discord Spotify. The idea behind streaming Disney Plus on Discord is that you can have the best of both the internet and television. We will be discussing the benefits of streaming Disney Plus via Discord in this article.

Screen Sharing Disney Plus via Discord

It is possible to share screens when streaming Disney Plus via Discord. We have provided the steps for both Windows and Mac. There is one catch: you may get the black screen when trying to share your screens. We’ll get into that more later. But for now, let us tell you how to do it.

Discord Download on Desktop and Laptop

You will need to first download the Discord App in order to screen-share Disney Plus via Discord. Streaming cannot be done on both the Mac and Windows web editions. To stream, you will need the Discord app. Go to Discord’s website and download your OS-specific app. After the app is downloaded, you will be able to install discord. You can also check out our discord installation guide. You can also enter your credentials to sign in or join Discord.

how to screen share disney plus on discord

Discord on Windows Device Stream Disney Plus

Different operating systems have different ways of sharing Disney Plus. Windows users have it much easier. This is how to use Windows.

how to screen share disney plus on discord
  • Start the Discord App.
  • Look for your browser just below your username.
  • Right click on the Monitor icon.
  • Check the settings.
  • Click on Live to select the channel that you wish to stream.
  • If you require higher resolutions, you will need to have a Discord Nitro paid account.
  • Now your stream will be displayed as a Discord pop-up.
  • After everyone has signed up, you can go to your browser to play the entire Disney Plus content.
  • When your stream starts, others can watch it with you. As you are watching the stream, feel free to chat about it in real time.

Discord on Mac: How to stream Disney Plus

You can stream Disney Plus from your Mac, however, there are additional steps you need to take to get the same results. Make sure your Discord account is configured to record audio during screen sharing.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Start Discord and sign in. Click the gear icon right next to your username.
  • In App Settings, click on Voice & Video.
  • Scroll down to the Voice Settings page and locate the Share section. Click on Install to close this section.
  • To authorize installation, enter your administrator password. After you have completed the installation, Screen Share will show a message stating that it is complete.
  • To exit the settings menu, tap the X at the upper right corner.
  • Tap on the Screen button above your username
  • Select the Disney Plus video player.
  • After everyone has joined your channel, you can return to your browser and start watching the Disney Plus content.

How can I stream Disney Plus via Discord from my phone

You cannot stream Disney Plus from your smartphone. This could be due to DRM restrictions, however, as annoying as it may sound, there is no way we can stream Disney Plus via Discord.

Discord without Black Screen: How to stream Disney Plus

Black screens are one of the biggest problems people have when streaming Disney Plus via Discord. Turning off hardware acceleration in your browser is a good way to fix the discord black screen issue. We have listed below the steps you can take to disable hardware acceleration in all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Here are some ways to disable hardware acceleration in common browsers

Google Chrome

  • Start Chrome, and select Settings from the vertical menu of three dots in the upper left corner.
  • You will find the System tab in the left sidebar.
  • Turn off the toggle stating ‘ Use Hardware Acceleration When Available ‘.
  • Restart Chrome
how to stream disney plus on discord without black screen

Microsoft Edge

  • Start Microsoft Edge. Tap on the horizontal menu of three dots in the upper left corner to navigate to Settings.
  • Tap on “System” to disable the “Use Hardware Acceleration when Available” toggle.
  • Start Edge again.
disney plus discord screen share

Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Firefox and choose Options from the menu located in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down in the General> tab to locate the Performance> area. The box that says ‘Use recommended performance settings’ will be unchecked.
  • A second checkbox will appear with an option to disable hardware acceleration. Check the box indicating that hardware acceleration is available.
how to stream disney plus on discord without black screen

How To Stream Disney Plus On Discord Without Black Screen for Mac

If you’re using Safari, it is impossible to stream Disney Plus with a black screen. Safari doesn’t support hardware acceleration. Without it, you won’t be able to do your job. For the best experience, you will require one of the browsers listed above.


This article was written to help you find a way to stream Disney Plus without any problems on Discord. You are not able to stream from your phone. If you’re trying the same thing on Windows, then you should be fine. If you’re okay with the black screen on Mac, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. Follow these steps carefully. Have fun!

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