Discord Keeps Disconnecting – Here’s How To Fix? [Guide 2021]

Discord Keeps Disconnecting – Here’s How To Fix in 2022

Discord Keeps Disconnecting – Here’s How To Fix? [Guide 2021]

Do you want to know how to fix the Discord Keeps Disconnecting issue? This guide is the right place for you. Here we will let you know how to fix this issue step by step. So continue reading.

Discord, originally developed as a voice-chat and instant messaging medium for gamers is now used by different online communities.

Discord is a great way to communicate with fellow gamers, but it’s also plagued by frequent disconnections. Grouping up during game-play can be really frustrating when you’re coordinating strategies for competitive games like Minecraft. 

Although Discord provides an easy interface between players of different platforms; one common issue many people have experienced in using this service are their connections constantly dropping out on them without warning due to either long loading times (which may result from slow internet speeds) or external factors such as power surges etc. 

This makes communicating more difficult while playing online multiplayer modes where every minute counts towards victory — especially if your team needs all hands apparently racing against time.

Discord is a popular messaging app that has been experiencing connection issues, and there doesn’t seem to be an official solution from Discord as it could be caused by anything. Many people have reported this problem worldwide but luckily you can fix it yourself with some quick fixes.

The following article provides a detailed list of different troubleshooting methods to fix the Discord keeps disconnecting issue. With these steps, you will be able is solve your problem once and for all.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps [Discord Keeps Disconnecting]:

If your Discord is disconnecting, then take these steps before continuing. These basic troubleshooting methods may fix the issue for good.

Step 1: Restart your PC

The first step you should take whenever your PC runs into issues including the Discord keep disconnecting problem is a normal restart. Check if it has been fixed before moving to the next steps.

Step 2: Change to a different server region

There’s a chance that your local server region is busy, and it can’t create a room for you. Try changing to another nearby location if possible.

Step 3: Check your Modem/Router

Discord can automatically disconnect you if your account is inactive for 1 minute. You should increase the amount of time that must pass before someone gets disconnected by going into settings and changing it from 60 seconds all the way up to 15 minutes.


For this part, you can find the User Settings cogwheel icon at the lower-left corner of your screen. Open the Voice & Video tab for the following fixes.

Step 4: Disable Voice Quality of Service (QoS)

You can use the QoS feature to provide you with high-quality audio. Try turning it off, so at least your friends and family members will be able to hear each other in a noisy environment like restaurants or planes where there is interference from other sources such as static on an AM radio station when another person tries tuning into WLIR News At 10 pm but only hears sound effects instead of anything meaningful because they’re tuned too low.

The quality switch (QoS) helps serve up clear voices by using extra data for all their mission-critical needs including HD calling features – just make sure no one has this set before heading out.

Step 5: Disable Firewall and Antivirus

Discord is a third-party application, so it’s possible your system’s firewall and antivirus software may not allow the program to open or disconnect in between. For this reason, you’ll need to give permission for Discord on PC as an installer pops up during installation asking if they can access anything outside of what was already there before installing their app (even though we didn’t install any).

Disconnecting from Discord? Disabling Your Firewall and Antivirus Software.

If you’re still having trouble with the disconnection after following these steps, make sure to turn off your firewall as well.

Step 6: Change the audio subsystem from “Standard” to “Legacy”

Some people manage to reconnect after making a switch from Discord Audio Subsystem back. You need to scroll down and change it over Legacy.

It looks like some users were able to get their old voices restored in the new system, but others can’t seem to find any way of getting everything working again for them since changing over has caused more problems than anything else.

Step 7: Flush DNS Cache & Reset IP Settings

The users who don’t fix the Discord Keeps Disconnecting issue have to flush their DNS cache. Because many said that getting rid of this problem after removing it from Windows PC was an option for them too.

Follow the given guidelines to flush the DNS cache on your computer.

Press Windows + X -> Click Command Prompt (Admin)

After Seeing The Command Prompt Window On Your Screen, Type The Following Command And Press Enter.

  1. Ipconfig /Flushdns

Discord will now work properly or not disconnect continuously.

Step 8: Update Network Driver

Are you having trouble accessing your favorite online services? Is Discord troubleshooting telling me that my network drivers are expired and need to be updated, but I’m not sure how often they should update?

Let’s see if the latest versions of Network Drivers will fix your computer problem.

Press Windows + R -> Type devmgmt.Msc -> Click The OK Button.

Expand Network Adapters By Double-Clicking On It.

Select The Network That You Are Using -> Right-Click On It -> Click Update Driver Option

Follow The On-Screen Steps And Complete The Update Process.

Step 9: Check server’s AFK timeout timer

In order to save your data, Discord may automatically set a 1 minute AFK timeout in which you will be disconnected unwillingly. You can increase this period of time by increasing the setting on the server settings page or clicking here and don’t worry there’s always an option.

Step 10: Disable Voice Quality of Service (QoS)

The QoS feature uses extra data to provide you with high-quality audio. Try disabling this option so at least your friends can hear each other and not be radio silent.

Step 11: Browse Discord On Other Browser

Sometimes, it might be your web browser that can cause this disconnecting problem. If you face the problem even after trying our above methods and get nowhere with Discord open in another instance of Chrome or Firefox then try opening it through Opera instead.

When you’re looking for a new browser, we recommend downloading Opera or Vivaldi. You can also try Microsoft Edge if that suits your needs better.

After that, launch the browser and load Discord on it. Now see whether or not this works correctly.

Step 12: Close Background Apps

I’m sure your computer is running low on memory and you want to free up some space, but how much do we need? Well if it’s just a few apps here or there then don’t worry. 

However, when every program starts closing at the slightest provocation-that may be something worth looking into.

A lot of people think their computers are full because they see programs like Microsoft Excel taking up huge portions -but this doesn’t mean anything without knowing what those background tasks actually entail: spreadsheet calculations while working in Google Docs for example use no more resources than text editing does; indeed sometimes even less as one would see with WordPerfect X3 which used significantly fewer processor cycles.

Discord is a great way to stay connected with your friends, but sometimes it can conflict and cause the application to stop working. Here’s how you get Discord back up again.

One of the first things we need for this task at hand: shut down any background apps running in Windows 10 or 8 so they don’t interfere when loading our desired program (in this case Discord). We also want an Empty Trash Can Free Space Of More Than 2GB On Your Hard Drive To Accommodate Any Files That May Become Unwanted During This Process Should It Be Needed.

With both conditions met then load up discord just like always – only without those pesky conflicts happening every time someone else expands their account, etc. Now here comes some good stuff.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc Keys On Your Keyboard

Now, Look After The Unneeded Background Processes In The List.

Right-Click On That Process -> Click End Task Option.

Are you seeing any confirmation windows? If so, click Yes/OK to continue.

Step 13: Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

Discord is a great way to communicate with your friends, but it can be frustrating when you have problems getting online. We recommend removing Discord from the PC and reinstalling again on Windows 10 in order for this problem to resolve itself.


It seems that the most popular solution for this issue is to create an account on Discord with another IP address. Some people also recommend moving your computer away from other electronics, disconnecting all external devices, and restarting them one at a time until you manage to fix Discord’s random reconnection problem.


After much anticipation, we’re finally able to show you the solution. The wait was worth it because this thing is amazing. 

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