Discord Mobile Screen Share – Perfect Guide For Sharing Screen

Discord Mobile Screen Share – Perfect Guide For Sharing Screen

Discord Mobile Screen Share – Perfect Guide For Sharing Screen

Looking for a perfect guide for Discord Mobile Screen Share? Read further to know more about it.

We love sharing things with our loved ones like our friends and family. We love when all the members of the family sit together and have dinner together. We also have a lot of fun when we meet our old school friends and then share what new is up with each other.

We laugh by remembering our old memories together. In short, we enjoy sharing stuff, memories, and talks with the people who we love or we trust. We listen to each other’s problems and try to solve them. 

Whenever there is a family get-together we love to go out and have fun, we love watching movies at night and eating popcorn. We usually also go out but when you are surrounded by the people you love like your daily members and your friends then that normal day out also feels special.

But what if your family members stay far away from you, or your friend could not come to your place? Imagine you and your sister or your friend had a plan of watching a movie together but due to some reason you both could not meet, that will suck, right?

So you will plan for some other day obviously but it will kill your vibe for that particular day as you both were so excited to meet after a long time. What if I say that I have a very cool and amazing solution to this? So, if you are interested in knowing my really fantastic idea please do the whole article. 

You will obviously think that you both can play movies or any series whatever you had in mind on your television and then through the phone you will be in contact like you will video call each other after every 10 minutes.

But then that will not be fun at all. Imagine you even go for this plan, but what if electricity betrays one of you, suddenly there is a power cut at one of your places? So, the idea that I have in mind is “Screen Sharing on the Discord app”.

So for those who do not know what screen sharing is I will give you a gist of it. Basically, screen sharing is also known as window sharing. Screen sharing has hidden meaning i.e, the sharing of the screen. This means that you can share whatever you are seeing on your device with your friend or whomever you want.

Screen sharing is also done in schools and colleges. Students show their assignments and projects through screen sharing to their teachers on google meet and sometimes on zoom. They just click on the option that says screen sharing and then go to the home page and open whatever assignment they want to show to their teacher. This is super easy and anyone can do it. 

The same you have to do on discord if you want to share anything with your friend or any of your members. Yes, I agree that discord was just for gamers in the beginning but now it has a variety of features and it also has millions of users. People have started loving discord very much.

Now it is not just a community of gamers, it is also a community for the general public too that does lots of stuff on the discord app and enjoys themselves. So now I am here to explain to you step by step how to use the screen sharing feature of the discord app on your mobile. 

  • Well, the first step that you need to do is open your discord app and do a call to anyone, it can be a voice call or even a video call but calling is a must 
  • You can even do this on personal chat, or their DM, or even on the video or voice channels of a server 
  • At the top right corner of your screen, you will be able to see both options i.e, voice call as well as video call 
  • Now that you are in, you will see an option of “screen share”, it will be in the call section 
  • If you are doing a voice call with someone then in order to do screen sharing you would obviously want access to it and to get that access you have to swipe up from the bottom area of your mobile phone 
  • If you are on a video call and you want to do screen sharing then you have to just see at the bottom row of quick controls and you will be able to see the option of screen share 
  • The moment you click on the option of screen share a prompt sort of thing will appear on your screen asking you the permission to confirm whether you really want to share your screen or you just clicked it by mistake 
  • To confirm you have to click on the option that says “start now”
    so the screen sharing session can be started 
  • After clearing all the clicking and stuff, you will get a notification kind of the “You are sharing your screen” 
  • Now you can finally switch to other apps where you want to show them content 
  • You guys can watch youtube together, or study together, or watch any series 

Now that you have learned that how to screen share on discord on your mobile phone, let me also explain to you that how to stop screen sharing. 

  • When you are all done with the sharing of your screen you will have three options to stop that session so first of all, you have to go back to the discord app
  • You will see an option of “stop sharing” on the next page which is the screen share confirmation page, tap on that option 
  • Or you can even end the screen-sharing through the bottom navigation by clicking on the option that says “stop sharing’’ 
  • If you want to stop the screen sharing immediately then you can stop it from the notification bar as well, you will get an option of “stop sharing” from the notification panel, so just simply click on that option and it will end the session instantly 

Discord App

Discord is a free app for voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and other things too. It is a great app for people who want to stay in touch with each other.

People who play games or those who want to be gamers can stream their gaming on this app. You can even do screen sharing with the people or members you want and they can know what you are doing on your device at the moment. 

People talk about art, mental health, emotional support, some projects that they have been working on with each other to stay in touch obviously and also to help someone if they need it.

It is a sort of home to many people where they can talk freely, people from any background or size can come and talk here and stay in touch with whomever they feel like. This is basically an app for the ones who stay active and talk to each other regularly. 

Discord is a place where people can have fun and enjoy themselves with others and also gain knowledge side by side. They can speed time with their loved ones and also learn about news and the latest events happening through channels that post these kinds of stuff.

You can scroll on Discord as much as you want, there are no restrictions or donations, you can see and read as much news as you want. No algorithm is present there that will decide for you how much to scroll so just have fun and entertain yourself in the best way you can. The best part is that you can stream the games and also screen share them with your mates or say, members. 

Discord Mobile Screen Share – Conclusion

So this was all about starting the screen share and ending it. You can also join a screen share session. At last, I just want to say that screen sharing can be done for both professional and for un-professional purposes.

By professional purpose I mean to say that you can use it for showing a presentation to your international clients or for having a meeting if you are stuck at home due to unavoidable reasons like it was the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everyone was forced to stay at home, they had to work from home so all the meetings, important decisions about the company all were taken online. International calls were made on zoom, all the new projects were shared online through screen sharing on zoom. Also, not to forget the presentations that students show to their teachers. 

Now by un-professional, I mean that if your friends stay far away then you can have a virtual movie night with them. You can screen share any video with them. You all can have fun if none of you can travel to each other’s place.

Screen sharing has made life a lot easier. Feel free to ask any doubts related to discord or screen sharing. I really hope that this article helped you. Please do share it with your friends as well.   

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