How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Discord Update Failed Loop? Trying to find the fix for the same? Read further to know more and find the solution.

When things fail we feel really bad, right? We do the work with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm and if in the end, it fails for a reason then it is the worst thing that could happen. Failure can happen at any point, maybe in life you learn from your failures and correct them if they can be and be careful in the future. 

Failures can be even on social media like if you posted a picture on Instagram and you did not get the number of likes you expected, or if you posted a video related to body positivity or anything related to the topic about which people do not often post and you expected a great response but instead you got some hate comments on that, comments that made you sad then you will feel nervous and think that maybe you made a wrong decision posting this on Instagram.

When you read the comments you will feel that you failed. You were trying to do something nice, making other people feel nice and confident about their body but instead, you got so much hate. 

The same kinds of failure happen on Discord too, there is no such big deal. Everything has a solution. If you fail on social media no need to feel demotivated, keep trying, your intentions should be pure and you will leave failure behind.

Like there is a solution for this there is also a solution to the failures that you face on Discord. You will learn about the solutions to the failures on Discord and also about some of its features. So first of all, let us see how to overcome failures and then by the end of this article you will get to know about its features too.  

Learning how to fix the Discord update fail loop

Why does the error occur and what exactly is this?

Sometimes your laptop or computer can be sent to an infinite loop because of any new update in your app. The reason this happens is that Discord is a very complex app and it requires permission for every single thing, and there are lots of permissions, so this can create a dispute on your computer with the settings. 

There are 6 ways to fix this error, we will learn about them one by one. Let us take a look at them:

  1. Run as administrator: This is the first method and this is the simplest one 
  • Open your desktop, on the Discord icon, right-click it
  • You will have an option Run as administrator (it will probably be the third one), select that 
  • A dialog panel will appear on your screen, click the yes option which will be next to no 

    If by following these three simple steps, you still can not update Discord then it is the antivirus that will be blocking it. Try to temporarily disable it, if third-party software is being used by you. 

2. Disable window defender: If you have windows 10, then this is the method that you should use:

  • Click on the start button
  • Open settings 
  • You have to now scroll down a bit, and then click on the option that says Update and security 
  • After clicking on Update and security, on the left-hand side there will be some options displayed, click on windows security 
  • Then select the virus and threat protection option from there
  • Now select the option manage settings 
  • Now you will see a toggle under the option of turn on real-time protection, just click that off 
  • After doing these steps, try to install the update now
  • After you are done with the installation process, turn on real-time protection again

3. Disable firewall: Well, in case if the above method did not work then you can use this method 

  • Click on the start option
  • In the search box, type the word firewall
  • Now select and click on open 
  • You will see an option that says Turn windows defender firewall on or off, click on that 
  • Checked options of the block all incoming connections (this option will be under windows defender firewall) will be on your screen, uncheck all of them
  • Now select the ok option 
  • Check whether the update can be installed now or not 
  • If it works then great but in case if it does not then try these steps again, but now instead of unchecking the options, disable the windows defender firewall entirely 

4 – Renaming the update file: If the above method still does not work then no need to feel sad there are still some methods that you can use. Sometimes when you rename a file, it starts working, so let us try that too

  • Click on the start option
  • Type R in the search box, as soon as you see the Run option, click on that 
  • Then on the right side, you will see an open button, click on that 
  • Now an empty box will appear, type %localappdata%
  • Hit on the enter button 
  • A folder will pop up on your screen named Local App Data
  • Double-click on the Discord folder in the window 
  • The file name will be Update.exe, you have to change it to Updatex.exe. 
  • Try to update now 

5 – Move the Discord folder: If this method also did not work, then you can use this method 

  • Hit R on the search box after clicking on the start button which will be present on your screen 
  • Under the run app, choose the option open 
  • An empty box will pop up on your screen where you have to type %localappdata%
  • Click on the Enter button 
  • Another folder will appear on your screen and the name will be Local App Data 
  • Now here you have to move the Discord folder into another one instead of renaming it as we did in the above method  
  • When you are being prompted to choose a folder by the install wizard, navigate to this new location 

6 – Reinstall the Discord app: If none of the above methods work then this method will work for sure. So let us see what is so special in this method

  •  As we did in all the methods, first of all, click on the Start icon and open it 
  • We know that after opening the start window a search box appears, type “task” in that 
  • After typing just that word, an app will appear, task manager, click and open that 
  • A list of processes will appear, find any process that you see related to Discord. As soon as you find it click on End task after selecting it 
  • Click on the star button again and this time instead of typing anything in the search box click on the settings app 
  • Now select the option apps
  • You will see a list with all the apps, discord will be also there. Click on the Discord app and then select the option that says uninstall 
  • Now you have to confirm its uninstallation so a window will pop up on your screen and you have to confirm the uninstall button
  • By clicking on that button, the Discord app will be uninstalled but still, there will be some lingering data. Do not worry these will also get deleted in the next steps 
  • Type R in the search box of the Start tab
  • Click on open which will be present under the Run app which will appear after you type R in the search box  
  • In the empty box that will appear type %appdata% 
  • Now hit on the Enter button 
  • A window will again pop up on your screen, select the folder that has Discord written on it, you have to right-click select it, and then select the delete option 
  • Now in this step, in the Run window, you have to type %localappdata% 
  • Now select the Enter button and hit it 
  • Now again a window will pop up and you have to select the Discord folder and then right-click on it and choose delete 
  • After all, this is done, restart your laptop or computer once 
  • Now open chrome and go to the site where Discord can be downloaded and then hit the Installation Package 
  • In the system tray right-click the download file
  • Now you have to choose the option that says show in folder
  • Now please do find the Discord setup file and double click on it so that it can start installing 

These were some methods to fix the error that you are facing, some are a little technical but trust me these methods really do help in fixing errors. I hope you were able to fix the error by using any of these methods.   

At last, I would just like to address some really cool and important features of Discord. So Discord is basically another social media platform where people can talk through text messages, voice calls, video calls. People can stream their games and even screen share with their loved ones.

Anyone can create servers and get a crown in front of their name. Channels can be created and informative messages can be provided to the general public. Anyone can use Discord to be in touch with their friends and family and enjoy themselves. 

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