Disguised Toast And Rich Campbell Conversation

After news of Rich “RichWCampbell” Campbell ‘roasting’ the content creator after a recent statement, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has cleared the air.

During Wang’s infamous live stream, in which he revealed that his DMCA strike may have been staged, he casually mentioned Campbell, calling him “some dude,” which the latter did not seem to appreciate

Wang later contacted Campbell and shared the texts they had exchanged with his followers.

During his most recent stream, Wang reacted to a clip of Rich Campbell, who appeared surprised at being referred to as “some dude.”

As negative responses to Campbell’s attitude flooded Wang’s chat, he made it clear that there was no situation to react to in the first place. He began by explaining why he didn’t mention Campbell by name in the original context, and then went on to discuss how the air in the DMs had been cleared.

He then made a second statement, emphasizing that his words were not intended to enrage anyone.

Later in the stream, Disguised Toast revealed the messages he and Rich Campbell had sent to each other, proving that their feud was over.

Mostly, it appeared that people were making fun of those who tried to make the streamers’ interaction into something bigger than it was.

Some people believed Campbell was genuinely upset and that he should have admitted it. Campbell, however, is the only one who can confirm this.

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