Disguised Toast Settles Argument With Rich Campbell

Many people couldn’t take streamer Disguised Toast’s recent ‘Twitch ban’ prank in the spirit that it was intended for. One such debate erupted when fellow streamer Rich Campbell claimed that Toast staged the drama in order to stay “relevant” on the platform. Toast eventually assured viewers that the feud between the two had been resolved via DMS.

Following Toast’s step of the Twitch TV show meta, Campbell watched a clip of Toast referring to him as “some dude.” The heated debate began with Campbell watching a clip of Toast referring to him as “some dude.” Campbell became agitated as a result of this, and he uttered some harsh words.

Toast didn’t mention him by name when discussing the situation, but later claimed that he and Rich are on good terms. He also clarified why he didn’t target anyone, which would have only exacerbated the situation, and put an end to the controversy. He even claimed that viewers had exaggerated the situation, which was not the case. The DMCA debate on Twitch has sparked a slew of debates in the community, with a number of streamers still clinging to the TV meta.

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