Disguised Toast Speaks On Viewers Who Enjoy Reaction Videos

One of the most popular and successful streamers is Disguised Toast. His streams are always fun, entertaining, and binge-worthy, and he has a large following.

Disguised Toast recently made it clear after he returned from a hiatus that he believed his fellow streamers lacked the risk-taking ability required in the reaction video meta. But why did Toast make such a statement? This was due to the streamer’s limited access to other people’s reactions to TV shows or Masterchef videos.

This is when Disguised Toast began a new trend on Twitch, testing the DMCA’s limits by streaming and reacting to complete Naruto episodes. While his addition to reacting meta was well received by viewers, other streamers such as xQc and Mizkif quickly followed suit.

xQc has been banned on Twitch five times so far, and fans have warned him that if he doesn’t stop watching TV shows on his Twitch stream, he will be banned again. The streamer, on the other hand, explained why he will not be banned because of this.

Meanwhile, reaction content is popular because “it’s more fun watching anime with people,” according to Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast, which compares react videos to gaming, where the audience enjoys watching someone else play a game and comment on it. According to Toast, the same thing happens with reaction videos.

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