Disguised Toast & Valkyrae Solve Mad Experiment: Escape Room

Disguised Toast, and Valkyrae are two popular Twitch streamers. They racked the brains trying to solve puzzles from Mad Experiments Escape Room.

They tried to figure out the pin needed to unlock a door. It’s possible that the streamers lost many years of their lives. The streamers had played the game for some time and seemed to be making good progress. They needed a code in order to unlock a locked door.

The code was created on a piece paper that had been taped to the couch’s side. The code consisted of an endless sequence of numbers, and the words that explained each number before it. Both Disguised Toast, and Valkyrae struggled to figure out the right number sequence. As a result, Valkyrae started to spew random numbers.

While he was still trying to figure out what Valkyrae meant, Disguised Toast shook his head disbelievingly. The chat laughed even though she knew they were on to something.

OfflineTV’s resident genius didn’t take too long to figure out the code, even though his Twitch chat had discovered it a while earlier.

Disguised Toast and Valkyrae both found the correct method. However, Toast realized that he was using the incorrect code order. Moreover, Valkyrae realized her math error when she finally got Toast’s explanation.

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