Disguised Toasts Mizkif: “Drama Farmer”

During the ongoing controversy surrounding Valkyrae‘s RFLCT, a new skincare line that sparked a massive backlash, Twitch streamer Disguised Toast called another Twitch streamer Mizkif a “drama farmer.”

During the RFLCT skincare line controversy, Mizkif, was accused of “farming drama” by fellow streamer Hasan Piker and when a viewer asked Disguised Toast for his thoughts on Mizkif and the recent drama, he didn’t hold back his candid thoughts on the situation.

During Disguised Toast’s October 26th Twitch stream, one of his viewers asked him about Mizkif’s role in the recent Valkyrae drama.

He replied saying that Mizkif is indeed a happy farmer, a farmer who raises drama and added saying that people have to respect the hustle because Mizkif is very shameless, but he’s also very transparent about it and added that Mizkif inserted himself in the drama because that just Mizchif.

Disguised Toast was referring to a conversation Mizkif and Valkyrae had on stream about the RFLCT fiasco in one of her first open moments. Valkyrae later thanked Mizkif in a tweet, which she later deleted after the drama erupted on her page.

Mizkif openly discussed the difficulty of the situation with Valkyrae, but he also made fun of the skincare product.

Disguised Toast said that Mizkif is playing both sides and that is why he always comes out on top.

Mizkif does indeed farm drama to his fellow streamers and situations for content, as Disguised Toast pointed out, but he is open about it with them and his audience. The hustle of Mizkif appears to be paying off, as his Twitch channel and streaming influence continue to grow.

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