DisguisedToast Concerned About OfflineTV-Style Rust Servers

During a recent live broadcast on twitch, Popular streamer and offlineTV member Jeremy Wang aka Disguised Toast has shared some of his concerns about the OfflineTV-style Rust servers.

Back in 2020, many big-name streamers have been partaking into the OfflineTV’s custom Rust server for some PVP and RP action.

It has become a success and a huge hit with viewers and streamers seeing how entertaining it is, however, it went away after a few weeks. Then eventually, it returned earlier this July making some changes. But the hype appeared to be short-lived as some streamers have quickly found something else to play following complaints about mixing Rust pros and general content creators.

Now, Disguised toast went live for one of his rare Twitch streams on July 22nd and he talked about a range of different topics with his viewers including why both the OfflineTV Rust and Minecraft servers have been a bit of an afterthought despite all the hype. It seems like Toast wasn’t a big fan of the new changes and suggested that streamer-specific servers are tough to maintain with a game like Rust.

Here’s what he said; “See, Rust is fun when you’re an asshole, but it’s definitely not fun for the other guy. I think that’s one of the downsides of a streamer server, is that you can’t really be an asshole because it’s other content creators that you’re probably going to meet one day.”

Then when one of his viewers asked him whether or not he’ll return to the OfflineTV Rust server, Disguised Toast quickly responded that’s a few months away from happening and that’s only if people remind him to play.



With some new rules. One of the most popular streamer servers on Twitch will be making a return next week.30-Jun-2021

The streamer explains he felt like he was always one step behind other players. OfflineTV’s Rust server is back, but the hype has been short-lived for one of its players who has already decided to step away from the game once again.06-Jul-2021

The server was created as a place for content creators and streamers to produce content for their respective channels. As of January 7th, 2021, BaboAbe has divided the game into two servers – The Badlands, which is 100% Person vs. Player, and the Divide, which is 70% Person vs. Player and 30% Roleplay.

With some new rules. One of the most popular streamer servers on Twitch will be making a return next week.30-Jun-2021

OTV & Friends’ Rust server is back and with it is sure to come many classic moments as players attempt to survive within the world of Rust amongst groups of fellow streamers.05-Jul-2021

“My brain in gigamode trying to learn this game just to barely… not even keeping up.” The streamer explained that the satisfaction of unlocking a new weapon wasn’t as sweet when he was still trailing behind other players. Another aspect that Soda didn’t fancy was the grinding aspect of the game.06-Jul-2021

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