DJ Bananer is allegedly caught cheating

A popular streamer on Twitch DJ BANANER, was allegedly caught cheating while playing Counter-Strike: Source, promptly deleted his channel after failing to play it down.

Although there are still some exploits that people are concerned about, Valve has been cracking down on CS:GO cheaters and hackers in 2021.

Counter-Strike: Source, on the other hand, is a unique beast. Despite the fact that it was released in November 2004, a few servers, particularly those based on minigames and mods, are still active.

However, because of its age, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to hackers. A number of Reddit users believe they caught one red-handed after an on-stream mix-up.

The streamer attempted to downplay the incident after tabbing out a screenshot of him using what appears to be a hack in the thumbnail of his stream.

DJ Bananer sighed and said that it’s red boxes but he didn’t have any ideas on what those red boxes were.

He then returned to the game and completed the round. Shortly after, he decided to delete his Twitch channel. At least one person mistook that, along with his initial reaction, for a confession of guilt.

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