DJ Zihle Says She’s Done Having Kids

One of the most annoying things most moms have to deal with is the “when are you going to get another one” question — and musician DJ Zinhle isn’t safe from that question.

While she hasn’t been asked the question directly recently, she did respond to a tweet asking how many kids are enough.

†[Two] children are enough for me. You!?” asked @KB_Mtimande_, to which DJ Zinhle replied: “I wish I could have more, but I’m 100 years old so I think two will be enough.”

“One more wouldn’t hurt,” replied @gezani_wilson.

DJ Zinhle quickly shut that down, stating that she was done giving birth to children.

Her tweets come shortly after she let fans know why she dropped her baby weight so quickly after Asante’s birth.

Asante is the daughter of DJ Zinhle with her partner Bongani “Murdah Bongz” Mohosana. She was born late last year and is about six months old.

After posting a series of photos taken at an event she was booked for, a fan asked how she got ‘grabbed’ by her waist so quickly.

She shared how a comment from her eldest daughter Kairo motivated her to exercise regularly and follow a strict diet.

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DJ Zinhle’s fans found her story humorous and most of the comments she received were about how kids don’t have a filter.

Others shared how their own children had said something similar to them.

There were also people who asked DJ Zinhlea to share her diet plan because it seemed to work wonders.

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